All By The Book System Review

All By The Book system Review

All By The Book System Review

All By The Book

Straight out of the Steve Davidson stable All By the Book is described as a system that “takes bookies money”, is “very low risk” and “takes money continually”   This system has been on public release since April 2010 and claims that it is a sure fire method that takes advantage of the bookies competing for business.

The sales pitch talks about how the bookies have left  the betting door open and this system claims to have mastered what can only be described as a guaranteed loophole that they cannot fix. The historical figures for this system are very impressive. Even if you are busy at work in the week and only have time to run All By The Book at a weekend, the claims of the system means that it could be a good ‘part time’ income generator.

All By The Book is currently priced at £87 to purchase the system outright. 

A review of  All By The Book will be coming to OBE soon….. BUT….. we would like to hear what you think about this product.

Therefore if you are currently using, or have used, All By The Book then leave a comment below, whatever your views, good, bad or indifferent

All by The Book System Review


5 Responses to “All By The Book System Review”
  1. Hilary Roberts says:

    I have been using this system for nearly 12 months and it is excellent. It’s not going to make you rich over night but the losses are small and winnings can be high with such little risk. Exactly what it says on the tin and very easy to use. I would recommend this highly.

  2. paulfog says:

    Hi Hilary,
    Thanks for your comment on ABTB. I totally agree with you, it really is an ingenious little system.

  3. Bowler says:

    Firstly, let me say that in theory, it works really well. It is very easy to fully understand the thinking behind it and I was very much looking forward to using this product. It is low risk with the potential for comparatively high reward.

    In practice I found that you would need quite a hefty bank to make decent money. The reason for this is liquidity: the user makes a lot of bets, and to get the best prices and (without giving away the system’s raison d’etre) to utilise certain bookies’ offerings the user should really put the bets on when the early prices are available ie a couple of hours before the day’s racing. For example, to make any sort of return and fully exploit the system I think £500 a race would be needed. If there are 10 races that qualify, that needs a bank of £5,000.

    But, that is not the worst thing.

    Even if you have a good sized bank I also found that, even if I invested my money with several bookies, I was in danger of being ‘found out’ and risking having my account closed (and not because I was winning too much). For example, it may have been coincidence, but within a fortnight of starting to use this system Boyle’s decided to withdraw the betting facility which makes the system tick. (I can’t say what that facility is as that would give away the system’s USP). If any other bookies did the same that would be a big downer for my betting activities so I decided to stop using it.

    NB it is, unfortunately, definitely not a system you can use solely on the exchanges. Only bookies, and
    only certain types of bookies, will suffice.

    Such a shame. It really is a well thought out system but not for me.

  4. conley says:

    Will this work in the us

  5. paulfog says:

    Hi Conley,

    If you are asking will the system work with US racing, then I would say that the answer is probably no because the system has only been set up for UK race meetings and the online tools that are needed to operate the system are probably not there for US race meetings.

    If you are asking can you run the system on UK meetings from the US, then as long as you have access to a betting exchange and online bookmakers for the UK meetings, then I cannot see why not.

    Hope this answers your question