Betfair Advantage Tool

A Super-Cool Innovation For Trading On Australian Horse Racing

If you’re one of our (steadily growing) Australian audience, I’ve got a special treat for you today. Not a lot of people know about Betfair’s Development Lab, mainly because it’s hidden away in the “Extras” section of their website, but there are a lot of neat tools in this section and one of the best, from what I’ve seen, is a very slick free software application for Australian horse racing.

What Betfair have done here is integrate their own betting markets with live odds from the Australian TAB system and to round it off they’ve even added in a Timeform-style horse racing form reader, so you can compare Betfair’s odds with the current odds on the TAB and then you can check the form of each runner with one click too. This software is the absolute business for combining your form analysis with live one-click trading and my only regret is that they haven’t done the same thing for UK racing, not yet anyway!

Here is a screenshot of the software:

Australian Horse Racing Software

The Betfair Advantage Tool is an excellent – completely free – application that gives you more power from one single interface than almost any application I’ve ever seen for the UK markets. If you bet on Australian horse racing then I’d highly recommend you download it and give it a try.

It’s another fantastic development from Betfair and who knows, now that they’ve taken over Timeform we might hopefully see a similar innovation from them for the UK horse racing markets at some point in the future!

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