Betfair ATM System Review

Betfair ATM System Review

Betfair ATM System Review

Betfair ATM

Betfair ATM is a system/method for in play betting on Betfair on the place markets.    Betfair ATM is supplied as a pdf document that gives guidelines and suggestions on how and when to place the bets. Currently Betfair ATM is available as a pdf download at a cost of £87.

The author suggests that the best results will be obtained on the NH or flat races of over one mile in the UK.  Betfair ATM is best used on races with less than 12 runners and ones that have a  a clear favourite.

The races needs to be monitored from the start until the bets are places. The author states a preference not not to have any audio or visual playing while the races are going, only monitoring the the odds movements on the race in hand. This might not suit everybody’s taste therefore you should configure your use of Betfair ATM to suit your mode of operation once you understand how the system operates.   The preference of this reviewer is to watch the races. Whichever is your preference, it is necessary to monitor the win odds on one screen/page and the place markets on another.

The odds that Betfair ATM aims for is in the range 1.30-1.80. This means that every individual will have different results depending on the speed of their set up. Past results indicate that a strike rate 80% can be obtained with practice. There are some suggestions to run a stop loss during the race but, which could have complicated things for the review, therefore to keep it simple, the review was run as win bets only.

There is one point that is very important to realise…in order to run Betfair ATM, it is necessary to input the bets using “one click” software as the odds in play betting move very quick and the Betfair interface is to slow. There are several products that allow this, some are free and some require a fee to be paid, but most of them can be tried on a free trial.  For this review Betting Assistant (Gruss) was used, however there is The Geeks Toy, which is currently free to use with an optional donation.

The Betfair ATM review was ran over a period of 45 days, starting with a bank of 100 points and using a stake of 5 point/race. The target will be to obtain 1.5-2.0 points/day using 4-6 races.

After 45 days this is how Betfair ATM performed:

  • No. of races: 215
  • No. of winners: 209 winners (hence 6 losers)
  • Net profit: 72.63 points
  • Average points per race:  0.34.
  • Average points per day: 1.62

As can be seen by these numbers a small but steady profit was obtained during the review period. To attain our maximum goal of 2 points / day we would probably need to increase the activity to about 7-8 races/ day, which could be achieved in three ways:-

  • Bet on more races.
  • Bet with larger stakes.
  • A combination of the above

Overall the return of 72 points over 45 days is really quite impressive and would say that this is readily achievable. However we must temper this success with a few words of advice:

  • Betfair ATM is a method/system/strategy to be used in play running on the Betfair place markets.
  • It takes time with suggested software/hardware and requires the user to be at the computer all the time during placement of the bets. It is not something that can be readily automated, so do not expect to find a bot that will do the job for you.
  • It does take some practice before regular profits will be obtained.

Befair ATM will help you make a profit but requires some work and practice. Only you can decide if the amount of time spent is worthwhile. The recommendation is that people try various software and set ups until one that they can use is found. You cannot read the Betfair ATM document and expect to make profits from day one, you will be required to does some ground work to make it work for you.

In conclusion we believe that Betfair ATM could easily be used to boost profits as part of a portfolio.   It will be an in-play part of the portfolio, which by the very nature of in-play betting, needs constant attention whilst racing is happening. Consequently, you could still run other system that use betting bots or have their bets placed in advance of the race.

As a result of the impressive 72 points profit, and that we believe the result is reproducable with practise, we have no hesitation in giving Betfair ATM a big OBE thumbs up.

Betfair ATM… a recommended OBE system