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Easy Lay Method System Review | Betting Systems Reviewed

Easy Lay Method System Review

Easy Lay Method System Review

Easy Lay Method

Easy Lay Method

The Easy Lay Method system is a simple method of laying horses that are close to favouritism and is available, at the time of the review, at a cost of £47.77. The horses are selected according to certain rules that are outlined in a 12 page eBook. A daily Racing Post or access to the (non-chargeable) RP website is required to operate the system.

The horses should be laid in the win market but it is also suggested by the author that they be laid in the place market. Most of these horses are less than 2.0 in the place market but, for the purposes of the review, we followed these in the win market only. Having looked at  the results for the few days prior to starting the review we believe that the win market shows greater returns, hence the justification for this decision. If the Easy Lay Method works in this market then it could be extended to include the place laying of these horses.

Studying the manual and the rules therein , we found that the rules of the system are a little vague in that phrases such as “Consider laying for a place as well as a win” and “It is recommended that” are used rather than “Do this” or “Do that”. We prefer systems that have clear and concise rules of backing or laying. The author would do well to lay down the rules in this way – he will undoubtedly have considerable historical evidence of the results and will know how best the system should be used.

The Review of Easy Lay Method was carried out for a period of 50 days, commencing with a betting bank of £1000. With the recommended 100 point betting bank a single point will represent a £10 bet.

Let’s now turn to how Easy Lay Method performed during the review….

At the end of the trial the system produced a healthy profit of 13.19 points over 50 days. If this were to be replicated over a 12 month period then it would produce approximately 8 points a month. Any system that produces close to £10,000 yearly (£100/point) is worth its salt.

However over the first few weeks we were somewhat sceptical as it appeared that the Easy Lay Method was just marking time. It may be that the system works better at some times of the year than at others as many systems appear to do.

That said, when the Easy Lay Method was put to the test it did produce the results. It is inexpensive and on a good day you could easily pay for it on the first day of laying. from the viewpoint of this review period, it doesn’t appear to have long losing runs (maximum 3 losers twice in the trial).  The system can be automated using a bot and we believe that it can produce good profits. The horses to lay are easily found, taking around 10 – 15 minutes each morning, and to put them on a bot for them to be taken immediately before the race perhaps takes another 10 minutes depending on how many there are.

On the basis of the evidence from this review, we believe here at OBE that the Easy Lay Method System should be considered as a useful weapon in the armoury against the old enemy!   Therefore we give this system an OBE pass.

Take a look at Easy Lay Method now…..