Full Year System Review

Full Year System Review

The Full Year System

I have been reviewing The Full Year System for 45 days and have been more than pleased with its performance throughout. It’s worth noting that I have only been following it under the ‘winter’ rules but have no reason to suspect that it will not do just as well in the summer and I would be happy if it was even half as good over the rest of the year.  

The Full Year System is a backing system that costs a one-off fee of £95 and you would need access to the internet to operate it but you don’t need to pay for any further access to sites as all the information can be accessed from the free parts of just two websites.  

I regard this as a low risk system as my betting bank was never in any danger throughout the trial and as it performed so well I am now in the position to be able to withdraw my initial bank and to operate it solely using ‘money won’.  

The Full Year System has just less than doubled its bank over the test period, showing a nice substantial profit of almost £360.   There were no long losing runs that are the scourge of many betting systems and that is through a period of abandonments and cancelled fixtures, although it has suffered its worst run right at the end of the trial dropping half a dozen points over the final two weeks. 

 There has a been a steady building of the bank even using level stakes and it could have shown much more profit with the application of any one of a range of simple staking plans. I’d like to say something negative about The Full Year System but am struggling to find something to moan about since it has shown a solid profit during the trial with only the odd losing day, and even those were not disastrous. Throughout the whole trial there were only a few days on which a winner was not found unless the weather or non-runners played their part and thereby reduced the number of selections available.  

The Full Year System is well written even though there are a couple of difficult to understand vagaries in it, but those were soon cleared up by a prompt reply from the author when I contacted him. My only beef as a 9-5er is that I have to make a decision about whether or not to back to win, or each way, which can be difficult if the price in the morning is hovering around the 5-1 mark. Having said that I took the plunge myself each morning and sometimes got it wrong, occasionally gaining and occasionally losing because of that, but over the whole test period it made very little difference as my actual results differed from the trial by just £1.50 so it seems it is a bit ‘swings and roundabouts’ as they say. 

As I said in the initial write up it takes less than five minutes to find the selections and place the bets. You could have shown more profit if you were able to take the early prices or follow the ‘betfair’ betting throughout the day. If you follow The Full Year System rules properly then we would all end up with the same selections, which I like, as it means the rules are clear and there is no room for opinions. 

 You can’t access the information the evening before racing which could have been a problem for us 9-5ers, but as it is so quick to use I was able to make use of, and profit from it, in just five minutes each morning. 

 In summary, teething problems aside I would give The Full Year System a solid 4 out of 5 for performance and ease of use and I will certainly be adding it to my own favourite systems and using it from now on. It strikes me as a long term winner with no obvious nasty shocks and there are very few of those sort of systems available.

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