Legacy and Saver System Review

Legacy and Saver System  So, here we are, a month down the line after having no fewer than 30 betting days for The Legacy And Saver System and it’s time to round this baby up. Before I do so, I have a slight (insert LARGE) confession to make – yes I’m an arse, it is now official 

I started this test using a 50 point bank and on day 30 of the test I was scrolling through the book and stopped, by chance, at a rather important line in the system. The line went “…we suggest a betting bank of ’20’ points.” Hmm, the quick amongst you will realise that I cocked my bank up by oh 30 points or so! Not to worry though as it means the decent profit we achieved would have actually been 2.5 times more profitable, and that’s at SP! If I’d followed that 20 point bank, I’d have more than doubled my starting bank in 30 betting days!Now that really is impressive! 

The month started on a rather decent note, winning a reasonable profit in the first couple of days and I was bumbling along nicely. Then, I hit a 5 day run of losers which took the bank into the red, followed by a small win then another couple of poor days. I think it was at this point that someone commented about how unsurprised they were that the results had nosedived as they’d seen the system and it had no real selection criteria of any worth. I didn’t agree that the selection criteria had no worth, but I was beginning to doubt The Legacy And Saver System was any good! 

My doubts were quickly quashed when I banked over £180 within the next two days! The rest of the trial was a bit up and down, but I was always winning more than I was losing and, in the last week particularly, the system was incredibly consistent, netting profit almost every day….not always huge amounts, but little and often will do for me! 

At the end of the trial, I had netted a grand total of £429.94 to £20 stakes (or 20.5 points) and a 50 point bank. Had I split my £1000 into 20 units, that total would have actually been £1074.85 which is quite astounding! However, before we get all excited there’s a BIG health warning to be had….if I had indeed split my bank into just 20 units I would have (at the worst point of the month) had just £100 left in my account! Now, I’m a big bad ugly brute when it comes to betting (some would say I’m just a big bad ugly brute), and I’ve had my fair share of nervous bank situations, however, had I got to that point I’d have been a little worried, and probably a tad upset! So, yes you can certainly do it with a 20 point bank, but me personally, I’d use no less than the 50 points. 

To recap, The Legacy And Saver System is two backing systems given as one. For the test, I used the Racing Post online edition and spent absolutely no more than 15 minutes a day finding my selections and then placed them at SP. The book does recommend taking the second show of live show odds (apparently has proven more profitable), but for simplicity I just took SP. So, for a grand total of 20 minutes work per day, I was paid £42.99 per hour! Surely that beats working for a living 🙂 

At the start of the trial, and during the first week or so in particular, I really expected to be slating The Legacy And Saver System, but it’s proven me wrong, and has to be recommended. There isn’t many systems out there that can produce 20 points profit for 20 minutes work a day. I, for one, will continue to use it daily!