Power Naps System Review

Power Naps System Review

Power Naps

Power Naps

Power Naps is a daily tipping service for backing horses which claims to be ” the most powerful bet system available” with “high strike rate and amazing profits”.   Therefore the review set out to test this very bold statement over a 45 day period.

From the Betfan stable of products, Power Naps is available by monthly subscription (28 days) of £49.99 or discounted rate of £99.98 for 90 days. The Power Naps tips are sent daily by e.mail giving the type of bet and a number of points with which to bet.

As promised an e.mail arrives from BetFan promptly everyday with very clear betting instructions. No thinking required other than how to bet. The Power Naps people also advise where to look to obtain their odds.   In practise though we noticed that better odds were available at Betfair SP, although not 100% of the time, worsecould also have been attained.  In the opinion of this reviewer it is probably prudent to use a Best Odds Guaranteed bookie where possible.

On to the results of the Power Naps review…

  • No of Bets: 77
  • Losing bets: 51
  • Winning bets: 26
  • Strike rate: 33%
  • Points profit: 48.75
  • Average per day: 1 point plus ( about 1.25 if betting days used)

Now this profit  looks good, but remember to achieve these profits, multiple points bets need to be used. For example each ways are usually 2 points each way – total 4 points, a number of 4 point win bets and many 3 point win bets. So if you are using £10 a point, a bet will often be £40, or £400 if £100 per point.

Power Naps also proved to be very much a case of snakes and ladders. We quickly achieved 55 points profit at day 23 half way through the trial., which quickly disappeared in the course of a sequence of 14 losing bets over 10 days, down to 1 point. The largest minus profit situation was in the first couple of days when a loss of 8 points was on the books.

On the basis that this trial showed how easily you can lose over 50 points this reviewer considers a bank of less than 100 points would be folly.

So what do we conclude from this 45 day review of Power Naps?  Well, here are the main highlights of the system that we will consider in coming to our concludion:

  • The Power Naps service is very simple to operate, not much to do other than open the e.mail and place your bets.
  • Over the course of the review, Power Naps went from nil to 50 points plus profit in 20 or so days, and 1 point to 49 in another 20 days.
  • It also managed to collapse  from 55 points to only 1 in 10 days!!

My considered opinion is that with a 33% strike rate with virtually no odds on bets this is a good service and is likely to provide profits,  albeit on a roller coaster ride. A point a day, be it £10, £20 £50,£100, whatever level you play at, is a good money, and an excellent return on a 100 point bank which we stress , is the very minimum we would recommend.

It looks, from the review, that they are able to pick winners at good odds. A look at the racing index tipsters comparisons shows a few at Power Naps level of strike rate, but they are either each way of predominately odds on backers.

Therefore, with all the above considered, and based on the evidence of this review, Power Naps is one of the few tipping services that we have recently come across that we will be puting on the ‘Best’ Betting Systems pile.

Take a look at Power Naps now…..