Amazing Selector Review

Amazing Selector Review

Amazing Selector System Review

Amazing Selector System

There’s a bit of an amazing story behind the Amazing Selector.   After almost a month into our trial the system disappeared from the face of the Earth.   No web page, no system, nothing! Perhaps it disappeared because it was making a loss?   At the point of its disappearing act it was over 14 points in the red using win stakes and over 27 points in the red to place stakes.   Plus it was getting worse.

In fact it gets more amazing than that, because not only has Amazing Selector disappeared, but it’s sales page has amazingly transformed into another product…. Bet Bank Booster?!?!

Still, it is going to make for a nice short and concise review.

In effect this review has become a warning to everyone out there in betting land.   If you happen to come across Amazing Selector or Bet Bank Booster on your travels, stay well clear!

Ignore Amazing Selector