Cherry Bets System Review

Cherry Bets System Review


Welcome to our review of the Cherry Bets system.

Cherry Bets claim that on their site that… you will find a variety of highly successful betting systems which have amassed well over 2,000 points in total since the start of 2010.

Their site contains 3 main systems:

  1. A free ratings service (Cherry Picks) available Monday to Friday.
  2. A backing system: Cherry Pips. Their published results show a 1,250 pt profit since January 2010 with a maximum potential daily loss of just 36pts. Users of Cherry Pips have to be at their computers during the day to calculate the selections and place the bets a few minutes before the start of each qualifying race.
  3. A laying system: Cherry Lays. Results for this show a profit of 350pts since October 2009. Each selection is based on weight of money movement and various other key race, meeting and racing conditions considerations. The system is very easy to follow – all you need to do is adhere to a few very simple rules. You do not need to subscribe to any additional online services or spend hours studying form.

Cherry Bets retails at $199, which is approximately £125 as a one-off payment for lifetime use of the system.
Our review of Cherry Bets concentrated on the backing and laying systems, not the free ratings.

We declared our results in a dual format: firstly at £10 per bet level stakes and secondly as per Cherry Bets own staking plan.

Cherry Bets Final Verdict:

We reviewed 2 systems from Cherry Bets being the Cherry Lays and the Cherry Pips.

The Cherry Lays offer a set of rules which ideally need you to be in front of a PC in order to follow the market which in this case was based on Betfair. In simple terms, there are a set of rules which vary from Flat to National Hunt but which are based on following drifters in the market. Other constraints are applied which then ensure that you know if you have a bet or not. For the purpose of our trial, we relied on data from other sources since it was not possible to guarantee the time needed in front of the PC. If this is not feasible for you then it will be very difficult to use this system.

During the course of our trial, we generated a profit after commission of 16.75 points.

At 2 weeks we were down by 29.8 points.
At 4 weeks we were down by 3.6 points
At 6 weeks we were +14.2 points
At 8 weeks we were + 20.7 points
At the end of the trial we had +16.7 points.

During the trial we had our best performance with 6 losing lays i.e. a profit of +5.7 points after allowing for Betfair commission of 5%. We also had 5 days when we hit 5 losers and achieved + 4.75 points on each of those days.
Our worst day was a loss of 10 points.
In total we had 21 losing days, 4 days with no bets and 38 winning days.

In Summary, the Cherry Lays produced a pretty consistent set of results and a profit of +16.75 points after commission. All in all a very satisfactory result but it must be emphasised that you need to be at a PC in order to deliver these results.

The Cherry Bets system is a backing system which also needs a regular review in front of a PC. The rules are fairly straightforward but can lead to large fluctuations. During the course of our trial, there were a number of days when we hit the limit of the system for losers which meant that we lost 36 points on those days.

At 2 weeks we were down by 3 points.
At 4 weeks we were down by 65 points
At 6 weeks we were down by 204 points
At 8 weeks we were down by 215 points
At the end of the trial we had recovered slightly to be down by 193 points.

Our best performance generated + 12.8 points on one day but there were 12 days when we hit the limit of 8 losers and therefore lost 36 points on each of those days.

In addition, there were 6 days when there were insufficient qualifying races. Some of those days occurred after we had a losing run and we were advised that there was an additional rule to be reviewed concerning qualifying races. In any event, out of our trial there were 42 winning days with 7 days with insufficient qualifying races. However, the overwhelming fact was that there were 12 days when we lost 36 points on each day. Having looked through the history supplied to us for this system, this is the worst performance over a relatively limited time. Nevertheless, it created a very poor set of results.

Having got off to a great start, the end result has to be labelled as a great disappointment.

In Summary, Cherry Pips may well generate a positive result over a very long period but you would need a substantial bank and nerves of steel to operate it successfully.

Not a system we will be following in the future, nor is it one we could recommend.

Cherry Bets has FAILED the OBE test.

Jim Cannon