Deja Vu Football Review

Deja Vu Football Review

Deja Vu Football Review

Deja Vu Football

“History…”, as the Deja Vu Football sales page proudly announces, “…has a habit of repeating itself”. Having been asked to review Deja Vu Football I set out to determine precisely which aspect of history will repeat itself here…. The 1966 World Cup Glory days or the 1996 Euro Penalty disaster?

Deja Vu Football is a tipping service that attempts to predict the outcome of specific games from three football leagues: the English Premiership, the Scottish Premier and the German Bundesliga.   Each bet is effectively four micro bets within, whereby you are sent four possible outcomes of the match, each of which requires a one point stake, therefore each match needs a four point liability.

Selections are sent direct to your email inbox or you can logon on to a password protected members page to get the Deja Vu Football tips directly.  They are sent a few days in advance of the game and the claim that you receive six to twelve bets at a weekend and a few during the week generally held true (with the exception of the extreme weather conditions encountered during the trial period).   Don’t forget, each of these bets contain 4 micro bets, therefore you will be placing quite a high volume of bets.

To get to the nitty gritty that I know you all want to hear, the price of subscription for Deja Vu Football is £45 per month (auto re-bill) or £177 for the whole season.   The sales site makes claims for the first three months of the 2010/2011 season of a 36.29% strike rate giving an impressive 45.55% ROI.

At the outset, Deja Vu Football seemed quite a straightforward system to follow though, as mentioned, it requires a high volume of betting activity.   The review was conducted over an eight week period at £10/1 points per microbet, therefore each match will take £40 or 4 points.

The website doesn’t explicitly say what betting bank you should use, but it does imply a 100 point bank.   However I reported the actual profit or loss the service made.

At the end of its eight week trial the Déjà Vu Football statistics did not look good.   Finishing with a negative P/L after covering 75 Games we had just 20 winners giving us a strike rate of 26.7%, a -65.75 point loss from 300pts staked equating to a negative 21.9% ROI. In fact this was pretty disastrous!

During the time of reviewing Deja Vu Football it never really looked like turning its fortunes around at any time.   Several games were postponed due to the bad period of weather over December/January which could have made a major difference on the final results either positive or negative.   For that reason a trial outside of these months could bring a totally different set of results and maybe something to look at, but as it stands Deja Vu Football has to go down into Room 101 as a Euro 1996 penalty fiasco, a well and truly failed system.

Deja Vu – Failed