It Pays To Lay System Review

It Pays To Lay System Review

It Pays To Lay
It Pays To Lay

This system is a daily tips service that selects horses to lose their races. It is the latest offering from Adam Smith and reports high strike rates of 87%.

In the last two months before our review, It Pays To Lay has claims to have generated over 32 pts profit and no lays are above 15.0 on Betfair.

It Pays To Lay is a subscription service costing £49.95 per month and subscribers receive a daily email 7 days per week with the It Pays To Lay selections and they also offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

The selections are for the UK market only and the recommended stakes are level points staking with no recovery procedure.

We planned to trial It Pays To Lay for 45 days, using a 1pt level stake from a notional 50pt bank. Results to be declared at Betfair SP less 5% commission.

——— It Pays To Lay System Review Results ———

After 13 days ( 4 of which weren’t betting days!): the author qwithdrew the system from the market “pending further research!”

This is because, in just 9 betting days their results were as follows:
111 successful lays from 138: a strike rate of 80.43%: very poor when the lays can be as high as 15.0.
Losses in that time of 43.4pts (£434 to a £10 lay) = 86.8% of the starting bank.


We have no alternative whatsoever than to declare this as a FAIL. If we had a category lower than FAIL, that’s where It Pays To Lay would be!