It’s Laytime System Review

It’s Laytime System Review

The It’s Laytime System is, as the title suggests, a laying system.

It focuses on laying horses  between two strict prices with the selections online after 12.00pm every day. The results on the site start from 25/01/2010 and show a profit of £33088.00 to date using a 50 point bank and a level stake lay of £100 minus the 5% betfair commission which looks mightily impressive. We have copied the promotional “blurb” that goes with all systems from the it’s laytime site which goes like this:

It’s Lay Time is a professional laying service. The information provided is based upon 25 years of expert knowledge, long time research and dedication to the job of making a very good living from horse racing. We give you clear, concise and professional  advice from our team of tipsters. There are no premium rate phonelines to be called and we make no wild claims. The aim of our service is to provide you with profitable horse racing selections so as to build a healthy betting bank and to provide a second income or give you the selections to lay as a professional punter. As professional punters we make our living betting on horse racing. We have made consistent and substantial profits from horse race betting. We know how to do it and will tell you what to bet.”

It’s Laytime suggest two staking plans, to lay to a fixed liability which is the lower risk option or to lay at 1 point of your betting bank (level stakes). The cost of the service is £45 per month and there is also a a 5 day trial which will cost you £5. It’s Laytime also suggest using their recommended auto bet software, GHB (grey horse bot) which will cost you an extra £27 every 30 days after the initial reduced priced trial.

We reviewed this service for seven weeks using the £100 level stake per lay suggested by the It’s Laytime System and posted our results minus the 5% Betfair commission, so let’s see how we got on.

It’s Laytime System Final Review

Well we must say that we really wanted this system to work, after looking at the past results on their site and the profit made we were very hopeful, sadly our enthusiasm was dented as early as the 2nd day when the first loss occurred.

Total selections: over 400
Total qualifiers: 90
Wins: 83
Losses: 7
Strike rate: 92%
Longest winning run: 29

Loss: -£1701.00 to a £100 per point level stake minus 5% betfair commission

The results above have been recorded using Betfair starting price (BSP) for simplicity although It’s Laytime do advise using Grey Horse Bot (GHB) for placing your selections with Betfair as the Betfair system on its own will not allow you to place the selections at the correct BSP. This is an extra cost of £27 every 30 days on top of It’s Laytime’s monthly price of £45 making a total of £72 per month.

The strike rate of the It’s Laytime system for this trial was 92% which would make you think it was impossible to make a loss, but the prices of the selections are (without giving the exact prices) between 10/1 and 18/1 at bsp, so every loss knocks you back over 10 points each time. There were winning runs of 29, 22 and13 but a loss on the 2nd day and 3 losses in 3 days in the middle of this trial meant that we were playing catch up for the whole 45 days. If we had started the trial after the first losing qualifier the loss would have been a more respectable -£396 which is just over 4 points and the system trial ended on a winning run of 9.

But in view of the losses incurred to date It’s Laytime will have to be placed in the “failed betting systems” file.