Killer Instinct Lays System Review

The Killer Instinct Lays System Review

Welcome to the our review of Killer Instinct!

The Killer Instinct System is a daily emailed selections service highlighting horses that are seen by the authors as being shorter-priced than they deserve. And as a result are deemed to provide excellent value for laying.

Killer Instinct will provide on average between 5 & 10 lays per day: there is a choice to pick and choose which ones to lay or you can just lay them all.

The authors claim a strike rate of 80.5% over the first 6 months of 2011 with an impressive profit of over 92pts in that time. All this is based on an average lay price of 5.3 on Betfair. Killer Instinct do not lay above 8.0.

The fees for the service also look quite reasonable should it be profitable: £10 for the first month and £20/month thereafter. Killer Instinct claim average profits of around 15pts each month, so laying at just £2 per lay would generate a £10 profit after fees were deducted.

For the purpose of our review, the following rules were applied:

1. We were tol lay all selections given to us provided none are over 8.0 Betfair SP

2. All results were to be recorded as £10 lays at Betfair SP less 5% commission

3. Killer Instinct Trial was to run for 60 days.

4. Every nine days we provided a review with comparison between Lays @ fixed liability and @ BSP .

We decided to lay all selections that were below 8.0 30 seconds before the start of the race time using software ( BetBotPro). It is only possible to place BSP  bets @ a liability.


After sixty days of the review period. With a £1,000 bank we achieved the following results:-

Races 367    Won 294      Lost 73      Strike Rate: 80.11% (just 0.39% below the authors claims)

Average odds of  all  Races =  5.29           At level stakes  a profit of  +£39.00            R.O.I. = 0.25%              Stakes = £15,750.30

Average odds of  Won Races = 5.40            At £50 liability a  profit of +£61.26            R.O.I. = 0.33%           Stakes = £18,350.00

Average odds of Lost races = 4.82


Killer Instinct Trial Verdict:

As can be seen by the above numbers a very small profit was obtained during the review period. This does not take into account the cost of the selections at £20/month, which would have resulted in a small loss.

This service fails on several counts:-

1. Too many selections supplied.

2. Selections appear to be number based with little attention paid to make up of the race or if the selections are “gambled” before the start of the race. Most of the losing lays came from horses that had a price that contracted before the start of the race. Some selections were from stables that bet quite heavily when they have a chance of winning and drift rapidlywhen they are not going to win. No notice was taken about non runners.

3. It is normally better to lay to a liability than to level stakes in the odds range of the selections.

4. During the review period Killer Instincts had a very” lucky” run of results with over twelve selections losing despite being available at odds below 1.10 in running. Only one losing lay was as a result of bad luck (leading horse fell at the last fence when well clear).

5. September had a very poor set of results and only the long winning run of 31 winning selections over five days in August  stopped a large loss.


On a more positive note: the selections normally arrived before racing started and is inexpensive at £20/month.


A service can only be judged on the results during the review period and for this reason Killer Instinct Lays should be placed in the FAILED section.