Major League Profits System Review

Major League Profits System Review

Major League Profits System Review
Will the profits be major league?

Major League Profits is a new football backing tipping service that focuses on the niche market MLS (major league soccer) from the United States.

Because of this focus on a small league, the concept is that the author’s research can be that more extensive. As a result the theory is that the winning bet strike rate will be higher, and, because these games are not mainstream for the bookies, there should be odds with greater value available.

The bets provided by Major League Profits were entirely backing bets, therefore no betting exchange account was required. The service provided a range of bets types including straight back bets, under/over total goals and Asian handicaps to name a few, and we were told to expect to receive between 3-6 bets for each round of games throughout the MLS league. Therefore we are reporting back at the end of the review about the type and quantity of bets received from the service.
The price is £25 per month, £49 for half a season or £98 for a full season of Major League Profits selections. Therefore at a decent 33% ROI (since the start of the season) as claimed by the website, it was interesting to see if our review gave us an equivalent return over the period of the review.
A 20pt bank, staking 1pt per bet was recommended by Carlos who runs Major League Profits which he looks to at least double through the season..

We ran an extended review of 12 weeks on Major League Profits in which we hoped to see some good selections and of course profit.

Carlos recommends a 20pt starting bet with 1pt per bet

FINAL REVIEW and figures of Major League Profits

70 Bets
27 Winners
38.5% S/R
70 Pts placed
0.5pts of profit
0.7% ROI

The Review of Major League Soccer has now come to an end and as you can see above after 70 bets we had just 27 winners for a half a point profit over three months of bets

Sadly this results in Major League Profits failing this time around as the cost of following the bets would have left quite a negative overall.

The system did look promising for a while, but the poor returns left us with no alternative but to declare this one as a FAIL.