Pro Betfair Trading System Review

Pro Betfair Trading System Review

Pro Betfair Trading System Review

Pro Betfair Trading - Green Screen

Pro Betfair Trading is a hedging/trading system whose objective is to “green up” prior to the start of the race. However, we are told to prepare for races that may result in a loss. To ensure sufficient liquidity, the authors recommend using the strategy on UK racing only. The strategy can be applied to all the races in the day, although no mention is made of roughly how many races will fit the criteria in any given day. The strategy involves the need to be at your computer, as you need to check the live prices from 10 minutes before the off up to the start of the race itself.

The Pro Betfair Trading system costs £70.00, with only 32 copies left at the point of writing (starting point was 100). So what do you get for this? There is an e-book consisting 19 pages. This comes with 2 videos explaining the Pro Betfair Trading strategy again. I found the e-book easy to read (did it in one short sitting). It does not contain the usual fluff, and I found the examples well explained.

The review lasted 45 days and as many races possible were covered, but, due to the nature of being in front of the screen for every race, it was impractical to cover all races every single day.   SJ, who reviewed Pro Betfair Tradaing, is a keen trader himself and took the view to look at as many races as he would expect to do himself under a ‘normal day’.   Similarly, if family commitments meant that he was unavailable for a period of time, this was seen as reflective of how the average punter would be able to trade.
The review was traded using a fixed liability of £100 per race, following authors’ recommendation of using a maximum of 5% of capital to make approximately £50 per day.

So let’s look at how Pro Betfair Trading performed:

  • No of days reviewed: 45
  • Pro Betfair Trading Net profit: £64.87.
  • No. of days with selections: 28 (62% of the review)
  • Maximum selections in a single day: 5 (only once)
  • Many days giving only a single selection.

I found it frustrating having to give pro Betfair Trading time at the expense of other systems and not finding selections. Those 17 days where none were found were particularly so. This has to be one of the weaknesses of the system.

Regarding the subject of the rules of the system, these do not appear to be as robust as I would have liked. I had recourse to raise a query regarding the selection process. In all fairness, the authors responded in a professional manner with a quick turnaround. In addition, the entry and exit points of the trade are more or less left for you to decide upon. This would be my biggest criticism.

So, is Pro Betfair Trading worth adding to one’s portfolio? That depends on one’s constitution. Patience, as outlined above, is one of the virtues needed. Another is discipline. With trading of this nature, with prices fluctuating quite rapidly in most cases, you need to stick to your rules. How would you cope with the situation when the price is moving against you and you don’t know if it will carry on the same way or suddenly go your way? Would you cut your losses only to see it go your way, or would you hang on believing it will change only for the race to start and the worse case scenario unfolding right before your eyes?????? With the hindsight of this trial, 3 out of every 4 trades will be ok. Do you have the discipline to deal with that other 1 in 4?

So let’s sum up some of the main points of the Pro Betfair Trading review:

  • Pro Betfair Trading DID make a profit, but it was a small one of almost £65.
  • In fact if you take into account the cost of the system, you would in fact be just over £5 down.
  • If we ignore the cost of the system because it is a one off, you’re talking an average profit of about £1.50 per day
  • That means, based on our review, assuming a 45 week betting year (we do need time off) and a 5 day week (we do like the weekends as well),Pro Betfair Trading would make about £337.50
  • For the inordinate time that you have to spend at the computer to attain this figure, and the amount of time that you have to spend getting used to the system, we feel that this return just is not acceptable.
  • Pro Betfair Trading is a slow, slow… SLOW burner.   It will make profit but at a rate that is very labour intensive.

With all of the above in mind, combined with the fact that a loss was actually made after costs, we must reluctantly label this system as ‘failed’.   We just feel that we wouldn’t even want the average punter, with a modest betting bank, to go through the motions of purchasing the system, painfully learning how it works, painfully sitting at a computer everyday, only to discover they were ‘pennies’ better off.

With regret, based on this review, Pro Betfair Trading is ‘Failed’.