Pro Expert Betting Service Review

Pro Expert Betting Service Review

Pro eXpert Betting System Review

Welcome to our review of the Pro Expert Betting Service.

The Pro Expert Betting Service is a tipping service for UK horse racing.
The tips are delivered each morning via email and the advice consists of a mixture of win, place and each way bets on their chosen selections.

In the period 15th October to 1st November 2011 Pro Expert Betting advised 91 bets, of which 12 were winners: this could be worryingly be seen as a flash in the pan or alternatively as a sign of some of the tipsters coming into good form. A further 14 from these 91 were placed, however only 7 of the winners were advised as win bets, the others were Each-way selections  and 7 of the placed horses were advised as win bets only.

Pro Expert Betting concentrate their selections in the middle ground of betting: at SP’s from 5/1 to 16/1 and at the time of this trial it costs £29.95 for their service. During this recent period they claim a profit of over 34 points. As yet I have no staking or recovery plan, so we will assume that we’re focusing on level stakes unless informed otherwise.

Tips are sent by email on a daily basis, so we will be posting daily updates for the duration of the 30-day trial: basing our results on £10 level stakes bets settled at betfair SP less an assumed 5% commission.


Pro Expert Betting Final Verdict

After 15 days of the trial of Pro Expert Betting it was decided for various reasons to call a halt to the review. However even though it was a short trial I think we can say Pro Expert Betting is a failure for a variety of reasons.

Using a simple staking plan of £10 per selection at SP it  managed to accrue losses of almost £300 in 15 days.
There was no consistency in the selections, they ranged in SP from 11/8 to 100/1, suddenly a NAP selection appeared then a NB selection and then from nowhere LAY selections.
Also you have to consider the sheer number of selections, in one day we received 11 selections with another 12 BONUS SELECTIONS  to do with as we pleased?
That amounted to 23 selections in one day’s racing, far too many for the ordinary punter.
We did not include the ‘bonus selections’ in the trial although they fared slightly better than the main selections.

I’m afraid I believe the name to be misleading, Pro Expert Betting Service, should it be renamed Amateur Beginner Betting Service?

Iain MacMillan