Rob’s Motor Racing Selections System Review

Rob’s Motor Racing Selections System Review

Rob's Motor Racing Selections System Review
Will it be pole position for Rob’s Motor Racing Selections?

Rob’s Motor Racing Selections System Review

Rob’s Motor Racing Selections is a backing selection service that should appeal to all ‘Petrol Heads’, as it says in the blurb on the sales page. Indeed, even the sales page has plenty to read about the season to come in both Formula 1  and Moto GP. These are the two categories of motor racing that Rob concentrates on, with a variety of bet types, from season bets, to race outrights, fastest laps and match bets to name a few. We aren’t told anything about Rob or his selection strategy. Only that in the 2010 season, his selections made a claimed profit of around £50,000 on £100 bets.Cost is £129 for the season or £29 per month. The season runs from March to November and selections are emailed each week of racing, as well as the season bets when you join.

We followed Rob’s Motor Racing Selections for an extended trial of 11 weeks, given that there is roughly one event per week. Even though that was a small sample, we felt it was sufficient time to form an opinion. There didn’t appear to be any staking advice given, so we set a bank of 100 units and report on 1 unit (£10) staked per bet, unless advised otherwise.

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Final Review – Rob’s Motor Racing Selections

We only had two winning weekends out of ten, and we ended up with a loss of 19.42 points from our starting bank of 100 points. The length of the review, although long time wise, was short in regards to the number of selections, or rather, events. So it is a little difficult to draw a solid conclusion. There was nothing during the review period however, that left much confidence in the selection method. You’d have to have a lot of confidence in past published results to give this one a go I think. At £29 for a month of selections it doesn’t seem like that great a deal, as there are usually only four events per month, and sometimes no selections for an event. The service also seemed a bit patchy, with no notification if there were to be no selections, or did the vendor just not feel like posting any?

We’re going to give this review a FAIL. There seems not much about it to recommend.