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Safe Lay Bets System Review | Betting Systems Reviewed

Safe Lay Bets System Review

Safe Lay Bets System Review

As the name, Safe Lay Bets, implies this is a laying tipping service priced at £49.99 per month and selections are E-Mailed to you the previous evening with the number of selections varying between only a few on a quiet Sunday to over 20 on a busy Saturday.   Subscription also gives you access to the private members area, so if you are not around email but can get on the web, the selections are always available.

The Safe Lay Bets author, Dr Terence Cole, claims all selections will show a success rate of around 85% and be profitable, but he prefers only laying those selections at 8.00 & above at Betfair SP & these he claims show a success rate of 94% and are layed to a maximum limit of 15pts. The history behind the service is that Terence spotted a trend back in 2009 when Safe Lay bets was born. He has since proven that trend with actual statistics, the full results of which are available on the Safe Lay Bets website.

In the detailed results of the Safe Lay Bets review I will reported the totals using two methods:

  • The totals for all selections to a 15pt lay limit, and those selections at 8.00 & above.
  • I will also reported the totals to a 1 point level stake lays for the less adventurous amongst us.

The method supplied suggested that for best results we should concentrate only on those selections priced at 8.00 & above and lay those to a 15pt liability. Records suggested a win ratio of over 94% and a bank of at least 100 pts was recommended. Unfortunately during our 35 day test the win ratio was only 90.48% and a loss of 90.44 points ensued.

If we look at the results to a 1pt level stake lay which I believe is a true test of any system,the results make even worse reading.

However, that said, I feel that I should report the final outcome of the review on the author’s recommendation, which is to lay to a 15 point liability at odds of 8.00 and above. In which case Safe Lay Bets performed atrociously.

Safe Lay Bets System Review Result…

Any way you look at the outcome, a loss of 112 points is totally unacceptable. To a level £10 stake that means your betting bank would be £1,120 lighter! This would register at least a ‘dark oak’ or even ‘mahogany’ on the brown trouser’ometer even for the more hardened professional punter.

One positive perhaps to those not adverse to large exposure and with a substantial Betfair balance is that all selections layed to a 15 pt liability produced a healthy 149 pt profit. This is due mainly to a number of short priced losers which of course at odds on produce a profit in excess of 15pts per bet. It should be borne in mind however that some days there were in excess of 20 selections and unless running a bot you would need to be in front of your computer from 2.00 to perhaps 9.00 or alternatively have a Betfair balance of over 300 pts. This is clearly impracticable to all but a few.

Therefore I cannot recommend following Safe Lay Bets to the vast majority of punters, but there may be scope for profit for seriously big players who don’t mind laying horses at prices very often in excess of 20, but even this is questionable with evidence of a 112 point loss in a six week period.

I shall have to ask the OBE filing clerk to file Safe Lay bets has to be filed under ‘failed’.

Safe Lay Bets System Review, FAILED.