The 10% Club System Review

10% Club System Review

10% Club System Review

The 10% Club Final Verdict

The 10%  Club is promoted by Martin McDonald and isnt just a betting system as such, it’s also a staking system.

As a member of The 10% Club you are sent a tip every day and you back it with 10% of the current bank. At the end of the month any profit is banked and a new month starts afresh. All prices are taken at the Betfair SP.

And the price quoted for membership to The 10% Club is £49.99 per month. On The 10% Club sales page Martin claims to have made around 180 points profit over the months of April and May.

Recently the author changed the original system from a single daily tip to two selections and a double, which seemed like a desperate attempt to stay afloat. The doubles were settled at the prices advised by the author.

The results of the 10% Club’s 45 day trial were as follows (based on Betfair SP less 5% commission):

Start Bank: £1000

Final Bank: £181.60: a loss of £818.40 = 81.84% of our bank.

Backing short priced favourites clearly hasn’t worked for this system and the desperate addition of a daily double only served to compound the losses.

The 10% Club will now be filed as having failed the OBE test.