The STorm Horse System Review

The STorm Horse System Review

The STorm Horse System is a horse backing system based on ‘mathematical equations’

(author’s quote).

It is offered for sale by Stanley Rose as a one-off payment of £29.95, until such time, unspecified, when the price will rise to £69.95. Mr Rose says that this system, which he and his father, Stanley T Rose, (hence the name ST) created, brings in over £2000 per month. He promises a 73% strike rate.

There is a 60 day money-back guarantee, which is unusual for such products.

You will need a bookmaker’s account and/or a betting exchange account. The STorm horse racing system asks that you papertrade for a couple of weeks and when confident in the system, start with small stakes. There is no ambiguity with the selections, and these are given freely on a daily basis to your email inbox.

The recent launch of the STorm horse racing system produced a thousand people signing up for it. The writer is one of them. Mr Rose has also developed an automated system which he is giving away free to a few, unspecified, STorm Horse racing customers.

The STorm selections are emailed out on a daily basis and a guide to the suggested odds is included with the selections. However, we are declaring our results based on Betfair SP to a level stake of £10 per point.

The STorm Horse System Final Verdict:

Our biggest problem is that the selections reviewed bear absolutely no relation to the system and selection service as originally advertised.

The selections we have had, are apparently v.2 (Presumably, version 2)

The change was made, it appears, because of the dismal results achieved since launch of the original product which bore no relation to the unrealistic looking strike rate claimed in the sales letter.

Privately, we dismissed the product because of this, but have reviewed it on the basis of  this being a review site, the good and bad have to be shown.

Let us take the system in its selection types.

Each Way Bets:
A massive loss of 99 points. Of this 28 points were from the place element, the balance from the win element which had a pitiful strike rate.
Mind you, the strike rate on the place element was only 17%.
We get the impression it is hoped that every now and again, a big priced horse will come home and knock out the losses.
Indeed, some selections had win odds in the 70’s.

So we can dismiss the product relative to each way bets.

Win Only:
A trial profit of over 13 points nett of the Betfair 5% .
Now, this profit in isolation, is not  bad relative to many trials we have seen.
While the strike rate is not particularly good, the profit has been made from lower priced horses and has not been obtained by a lucky high priced selection coming home.
So, objectively, if you simply look at the profit experienced over this trial period using the win only bets it has to be said to be a positive result up there with the run of portfolio builders.
But would we use it?
NO!.. Its’ pedigree is not good, we do not know the selection process or any history.
It is one for which, frankly, we are relieved that the review period is over.