The Winners Enclosure System Review

The Winners Enclosure System Review

The Winners Enclosure Racing Service claims to be “the ultra-profitable service for racing professionals“!

This claim is made on the back of reported profits of 364pts since the start of 2011.

The Winners Enclosure service is a daily email service providing tips to back horses to win their given races. Their strike rate for 2011 is quoted as running at an impressive 26% with average monthly profits approaching 60pts.

Winners Enclosure offer two levels of membership:
1. A flat rate fee of £45 per month after a 7-day trial  costing £1 (Clickbank regulations) OR
2. A monthly fee of £77, which carries a money back promise, if 20pts profit isn’t made that month.

We planned to be reporting Winning Enclosure’s results for a period of 45 days, based on £10 per point staked and all results declared at Betfair SP.

Winners Enclosure Final Review:

This review wasn abruptly terminated without any prior notice after 37 days as the service provider decided not to continue. The provider is no longer continuing with the service due to the unimpressive results. This is not surprising as he was offering a money back guarantee if there was no profit shown in any month and the proofing was only in profit on Day 3 and continued to remain in a loss situation for the remainder of the 34 days of proofing.
There were only 14 days that showed a profit – the highest being 16.99 points and the lowest being 0.44 points. The biggest loss was 16.10 points in a single day.
At Day 23 the service was in a loss position of – 74.21 points. Then suddenly a run of 5 winning days  (Days 24 – 28) saw a total profit of 52.78 bringing the deficit down considerably.  As this was roughly midway through the anticipated 45 days of proofing it looked like the service was capable of recovering. Alas this was not to be. The bad run continued cumulating in a final loss of -52.47 points when the proofing stopped.
It should be noted that the above results do not include Betfair’s 5% commission on winnings
This is definately not a service that we would recommend and if we were to rate it out of 10,  it would only rate 1/10.
This has failed the OBE test.