Lay The Ratings System Review

Lay The Ratings System Review

Welcome to the our review of Lay The Ratings!

The Lay The Ratings System is a daily tip service highlighting horses that are seen by the author as being shorter-priced than they deserve. These selections will be the first or second favourite and as a result provide excellent value for laying.
Lay The Ratings provided several lays per day, seven days a week.

The author lays to a staking plan based on the BSP of the horse  and below 1.99 there is no bet.
2.00-3.00 a 3 point bet.
3.05-3.50 a 2point bet.
3.55-5.00 a 1 point bet.
5.10-8.00 a 0.5 point bet.
8.2-10.00 a 0.25 point bet.
10.50+ a 0.125 point bet.

It is possible to buy the selection method as a PDF or subscribe to the selection service.For the first 28 days a trial price of £3.99 then recurring monthly payments of £27 and the author claims a strike rate of 80% +.

The selections are normally sent by email the previous evening.
For the purpose of our review, the following was applied:

All selections were laid & recorded as £10 lays at Betfair SP less 5% commission and for comparison £10 lays using the authors staking plan and the Lay The Ratings Review ran for 60 days.

The Lay The Ratings Final Verdict:

After a period of sixty days using the suggested staking plan Lay The Ratings has FAILED the OBE test.
Using Level Stakes Lay The Ratings would have passed.
It is my belief that the selections supplied should make a profit, if a more appropriate staking plan was used.
With some minor adjustments to the range of the selections we believe that a consistant profit would be obtained.

1. Several large losses of £132.00, £144.80, £80.90, and £81.30 could have been avoided if a linit of 8.0 was used. Reduction in selections by approx 20%.

2.Using a liability based on the average odds would have eliminated the large losses of the low priced selections. 15 selections fell into this price range

3 The suggestion is to use a range of 2.0 to 8.0 using a £50 liability.

Using this, the suggested range would reduce the selections by approx 20% and increase the profit by approx 30%. This is based on the sample of 264 races. We were supplied with another ten months of data of selections that fell in the range 2.0-3.50. These selections had a strike rate of 73%. Lay The Ratings supplies selections that should provide a profit providing a less aggressive staking plan with a high limit of 8.0  used. The fact that there is still scope for profitability leads us to place Lay The Ratings in our Neutral Zone, with a view to a possible later re-evaluation.

Alex Charity