LayersOfProfit System Review

The LayersOfProfit System Review

The LayersOfProfit System is a one lay-per-day email service.

Their results show a steady return of over 41pts in the prior 10 months to our review, based on laying just horse per day at maximum Betfair odds of 4.0.

This 4.0 limit helps to reduce liabilities and enables a speedy recovery of any losses incurred.

The  selections are emailed out to the subscribers on a daily basis, so there’s no ambiguity about which horse is a qualifying bet or not. The entire selection procedure is done for you.

For the basis of our review, we applied the following criteria:

1. All results declared to BetfairSP
2. No lay above 4.0 Betfair SP, but if it goes below 4.0 in running it was then to be classed as a valid lay.
3. Lays declared as £10 per point level stakes
4. Trial was run for 2 months

What was our final verdict on LayersOfProfit?

As far as I’m concerned, we gave this service ample time to prove itself. The stats returned for the service are as follows:

Days of trial: 62
Actual bets:  53
Successful lays: 36 = 67.92%

This strike rate of just under 68% is a touch disappointing in my opinion, a service like this really needs to be hitting 75% or more to remain profitable. The strike was in the lower to mid 70’s for the first 4 weeks of the trail and the service was showing a reasonable profit at that time. During the final 5 weeks of the trial LayersOfProfit saw their strike rate slowly deteriorate down to the mid 60’s, ending finally on 67.92%

Yes Chris, but did it make a profit? I hear you ask.
Well, the short answer to that is no. The trial finished with a loss of £36.20 to £10 level stakes. This isn’t a disastrous loss (just 3.62pts) and it was certainly an improvement on the low point of -£102.50 on day 40. The final 3 weeks saw a profit of £66.30 (6.63 pts), which is very creditable indeed. The high point of the trial was only £46.10 profit: the equivalent of just 5 lays. So, as you can see the lows were far greater than the highs.

So, is this one confined to the cyber dustbin? Actually, no!
I can’t recommend a system/service that hasn’t proved profitable in a 9 week trial and LayersOfProfit was only actually in profit for the first 4 weeks or so, but I did see some potential there. There was a cluster of losing bets very close together which put the service quite deeply in the red, but the final 3 weeks performed like the first 4 weeks and those 7 weeks in isolation produced 11.24pts profit which is very good. Unfortunately, we can’t predict which will be good weeks or not! I, personally, think that if the upper odds barrier was lowered slightly, this would have a positive impact on the Profit/Loss figures.

Overall, I’m going to reserve judgement on this one and declare it to have a NEUTRAL status, it didn’t quite do enough to impress us, but wasn’t anywhere near bad enough to be declared a failure.

I hope you found this summary helpful,

Chris Worrall.