Sports Betting Dynamics System Review

Sports Betting Dynamics System Review

Sports Betting Dynamics System Review

Sports Betting Dynamics

This is a review with a difference as it will be looking at the American sports scene, a different angle from the majority of reviews on OBE as they typically focus on UK sport and racing events. 

Sports Betting Dynamics is a brand new tipping/prediction service from a relatively new player on the block, Tom Daxton.

Tom is very keen to make a difference and is more interested in giving his customers something that actually produces profits season after season rather than lining his own pockets. He seems a genuinely nice guy and all of his results are accurate and up to date, as you can see for yourself from the Sports Betting Dynamics page (click the Results link there). 

Sports Betting Dynamics is a tipping / prediction service for the NBA Basketball league in the USA running from October to mid-June.   In speaking to Tom, I understand that he will also be running a separate service for baseball from April to October, therefore there will be no drought for all you lovers of sport from across the pond.   I am not sure whether this will be  a separate subscription in parallel or an ‘ as well as’. Tom also reckons that the daily nature of US sports lends itself to better statistical prediction, so we’ll be able to put that to the test. 

Probing a bit further with Tom, I asked what is the premise of Sports Betting Dynamics?    Tom’s reply went as follows “I look mostly for short priced favorites that has very good team co – ordiantion , since basketball is a 5 man a team side , better co-ordination leads to a better shooting percentage , which brings out consistent winners!”   Hence he researches teams in form with good chemistry. 

Sports Betting Dynamics performed well for the free 30-day trial that Tom offered all early birds, but we here at OBE we wanted to see what happened beyond when the system goes live.   So we continued to review the selections created by Tom. 

After 64 days it was time to bring this review to a close.   From a very promising start racking up around 40 points profit in 4-5 weeks, things started to go a bit wobbly.   Then from wobbly they started to do downhill fast.  Within not much more than a week Sports Betting Dynamics had lost over 110 points, it was in deficit by 70 points!   Now since then, it has made a recovery and the review has ended up 11 points to the good.   But this is where my problems with Sports Betting Dynamics start.

Yes it is good that it reached over 40 points profit.   Yes we should expect a system to have losses as well as the successful times. Yes it is good that it recovered from the loss to be in profit. But what concerns me is how Sports Betting Dynamics, or should I say Tom, went about it.

The issue in my mind comes down to that of the staking strategy used in Sports Betting Dynamics.   Initially any staking strategy that takes its time to accrue 40 points and then loses almost three times what it has made in a quarter of the time it took to make it is a cause for concern.   Similarly any staking strategy that is risking a further 22 points when you are already 72 points in the red is a severe cause for concern.   Just think about this for a moment.   At fairly modest stakes of £10 per point, this means that when your betting bank was depleted by £720 you would have been betting another £220!  Whilst Tom advocates a  300 point betting bank, this would give the most hardened punter a fit of the vapours.

I asked Tom what staking strategy he used and he replied by saying he uses a “Labby Line”.   After looking through his explanation of it, whilst I undersatnd his explanation, it does almost look as though you make it up as you go along.   In fact Tom does admit that he tends to stick to it for 75% of the time.  Only knows what happens for the other 25% of the time?

Let’s look at some of the statistics for Sports Betting Dynamics:

  • Days betting: 64
  • Net Profit: 11 points (to Tom Daxton’s staking plan)
  • Strike Rate 52.7%
  • Average odds: 1.94

These statistics are not going to set the world on fire or even get me driving to the local Lamborghini showroom to place my deposit on a shiny new car.   50% strike rate for a backing system is not too bad, but it suffers at the level of odds achievable.

Looking at alternative staking strategies for Sports Betting Dynamics the end result was significantly worse:

  • 3pt loss to level £10 stakes
  • 12pt loss to 5% stakes of betting bank

So, to conclude…. I think there is SOME merit in this system. The selections do have some success but they do have their fair share of losses.  The problem is with the staking strategy.   Sports Betting Dynamics adopts a very aggressive progressive staking strategy, particularly when it comes to a recovery situation.   In fact I would suggest it is too aggressive for most people.   I think that the system could work, but you would need to be a very seasoned campaigner with very deep pockets to accommodate Sports Betting Dynamics.   For the average Joe, even with slightly deep pockets, this is just a little bit to aggressive.   Therefore, it is with an element of regret that I place this system on the ‘neutral’ pile and leave the decision to purchase up to you.

Take a look for yourself…. Sports Betting Dynamics