The Horse That Should Win System Review

The Horse That Should Win System Review

The Horse That Should Win is a daily tips service offering both back bets and lay bets.

Offered by Sportsworld Publishing, this system claimed to have made 6.31points profit on every winning day.

So far this year: 69% of the days were profitable. The author, a mathematician Roger Pursoord, has selected a horse in each race and you are given a chart which depending on the price and track you will back, lay or leave alone.

You are advised to use a racing bot which is supplied freely with the system, but if you have the time you can do each selection without one.

The price for The Horse That Should Win service is £99.00 per calendar month.

The author claims his profits are at £25.00 a point but for all our lays and bets we used £10.00 a point and if there was a running profit, it was also to be based on the £10.00 which we see as a more reasonable stake for a trial.

Although the last month before we started the trial was a quiet month, the system still claimed a profit of £382.00 (15.28pts) following on from the previous month when a profit of £993.00 (39.72pts) was made.

For the sake of the trial we decided keep the daily lays and backings separate, but we did run an overall profit/loss combining the two for each day.

We reviewed The Horse That Should Win for a period of 60 days.

The Horse That Should Win Final Verdict

Overall Profit was £44.18 (4.42 pts)

In conclusion The Horse That Should Win was a system of two halves.
Our first month saw a profit of  over fifty points, unfortunately month 2 saw it all wiped away.
In fairness, this was the only losing month this year but if I was to subscribe, I would want to take a watching brief at the moment: as the day after the trial ended another heavy losing day took place.
Although a small profit was recorded over the time of the trial the cost of £200.00 to use this advice/ system would have meant us out of pocket if one had used our point stake as ten pounds.

I personally didnt use the bot but a reader of the site said it was straightforward and easy to use.
All I can say is I’ve seen worse systems than this as most are doomed to failure, but before I joined up to this service I’d want to see another months results, other than that this is one that I would probably recommend.

For now, I’d have have to record an open verdict, though and place The Horse That Should Win in the neutral Zone as one for possible later re-evaluation.

Chris H