The Secret Tipster Review

The Secret Tipster Review

Here starts my 45 day proofing of  The Secret Tipster, a laying service run by John Ramone which has been available for almost 18 months. During this period The Secret Tipster is claimed to have made 300+ points profit and on its Genius Staking Plan 880+ points profit.

At present The Secret Tipster has a special offer BOGOF of £57 for 2 months, thus as long as the account is active represents a saving of £242 per annum. However they are limiting subscriptions to 100 and once this allocation is complete the doors will be shut.I have decided to post daily the method of operating this service in order that everyone is clear on how to place their bets. Basically there is a level stakes plan and also a Genius Staking Plan whereby the stakes for this plan will be shown after the selection. Furthermore I will be using a £1000 bank for each staking plan and staking £10 per unit (Winnings subject to 5% Betfair commission)

During The Secret Tipster review a combination of staking advice will be used with these tips ie; the current lay price (with a max 9.8 stipulation). With the shorter priced selection’s you can, if you wish, lay these selections just prior to race time. The reason for this is that the shorter priced horses will (in the main) be favourites/top stable/top jockeys which may shorten in price.

So how did the Trial of the Secret Tipster fare?

Total selections: 157
Winning Bets: 119
Losing Bets:  38
Strike Rate: 75.80%
Level Stakes:
      P/L +7.96 points to prices obtained by John Romane
      P/L -32.79 points at BSP
Genius Staking Plan:
      P/L +35.74 points to prices obtained by John Romane
      P/L -68.26 points at BSP

The Secret Tipster  service has been a bit of a rollercoaster as it started reasonably well generating a good profit in it’s first week (according to the prices obtained by the owner John Romane). However as most proofing is done using BSP I contacted Mr Romane and advised him that the prices that went out with the selections were not readily obtainable as he set his upper limit at 9.8. His response was that his results were based on the prices sent out with his selections and he could prove that they were obtainable with screenshots if necessary. I therefore continued proofing The Secret Tipster with two sets of results – to BSP  and those stated by John.

Unfortunately The Secret Tipster had a disastrous run between 11th – 13th February of thirteen losers which really put this service seriously in arrears. Mr Romane had been sending out selections which included some less than 3.0 and these selections brought about these losses. Mr. Romane decided to stop sending out these short priced selections which to be fair has seen the recovery of the service. Only 6 losing bets out of 56 (SR 89.29%) in two weeks and a turnaround from -9.84 points to + 7.96 points – a gain of 16.12 points.

However we should not forget that these are not to BSP. The results to BSP showed -2.05 points.

The Genius Staking Plan showed better results due to the aggressive stakes used (mainly 4 units after 13th February).

With regards to The Secret Tipster service  I believe that the owner has now got it on an even keel but there is still an issue on obtaining the prices he sends out, after all this is about a punter being able to obtain the same results as the service claims and this has not been achievable. Perhaps the provider may consider setting the upper limit to say 12.0 as going by the results whilst proofing more prices would have been obtainable.

I have  set his prices on a bot and generally have been matched 80% of the time either before the ‘off’ or ‘in running’. However not everyone has a bot as I would strongly recommend using one and then The Secret Tipster would be a decent service.

In summary, I find it hard to fully endorse The Secret Tipster because of the issue over the odds that John Romane publishes as attainable. Unfortunately I have to seriously question this premis, therefore I cannot say with absolute certainty that this service produces the results claimed.   It looks as though it can achieve good results, but at the same time it appeared as though it required serious intervention from John.   Therefore I will place this system on the ‘neutral’ pile as the jury is still out on this one.

Shhhhh!   Top Secret – Take a look at The Secret Tipster here….