USA King of Sports System Review

USA King of Sports System Review

USA King of Sports

Is this the King of Sports?

USA King of Sports is run by Mitch Thomas providing tips for 4 primary areas of American sports including, basketball, baseball, ice hockey and Americal football. In amongst these tips tehe service provides ‘bonus’ football tips to boot.

Straight out of the Betfan stable of products, USA King of Sports claims to have had two years of consistent profits. What’s more, the service  also claims ‘never to have had a losing calendar month’. Well, as a dedicated member of the OBE Review Team the challenge was laid at my feet to put the claim to the test.

After keeping the service to a ‘handful’ of members, according to Mitch it is now time to offer it to a wider audience…obviously needs the money ;-).

A subscription to USA King of Sports costs £39.00 per month and advices are sent out by e-mail. All selections will be sent before 9pm on an evening as the majority of US games start around midnight or later. This gives plenty of time to source and place your bet. If there is a selection in an early game this will be sent at least 2 hours before the start of the match.

So let’s take a look the outcome of our USA King Of Sports review.

USA King of Sports Review Results:

No. of days review: 48
Total Number of Bets: 113
Winning Bets: 59
Strike Rate: 52%
Gross profit: £168 (to £10 stakes)
Net profit: £110 (incl subscriptions)
Average profit: 11 points per month

In summarising USA King of Sports and I have to say this is a marginal call. The service is conducted impeccably as you would expect from Betfan. The selections always arrive in plenty of time to place your bets and you always have the information to hand as to where to obtain the best prices.

Over the course of the review USA King of Sports has shown a little over 16 points gross profit. But when you take the cost of the service into account this is reduced to 11 points. Therefore the average profit achieved would be little more than 7 points profit per month.

On the face of it, this doesn’t seem too bad. But if you look through the bets, the devil is in the detail. A strike rate of just over 50% is not terrific, especially when there is a heavy reliance on odds-on bets. In addition there is quite a strong reliance on the staking strategy, having to shell out some fairly meaty bets to achieve this.

Almost all of the bets were on American Sports with the occasional bet on English Soccer.To be honest the English soccer bets only achieved a strike rate of 37.5%, therefore perhaps it is a case of sticking to what Mitch knows best and avoiding the English soccer. There were no long losing runs with this service and on the occasions it did go into deficit it was not by a great amount of points.

A level stake bet on each selection would have returned a loss of approx 13.5 points so use of the stakes recommended does seem essential, which could be quite stressful if your are of a nervy disposition. If you could be happy betting odds on for fairly large stakes and for a small return I don’t see any reason why this service would not provide a profit. But that is the big question…can I recommend USA King of Sports for all concerned, and I have to say no. It is a question I have to leave up to the reader.

Therefore I file USA King of Sports in the neutral drawer and leave this one up to you.