Winning Formula Exposed System Review

Winning Formula Exposed System Review

Winning Formula Exposed is a selection method for backing horses in UK horse racing.

The Winning Formula Exposed system makes the selections in the qualifying races one minute prior to the start of the race.

All bets are placed on the exchanges and can be placed as win, win & place or place only. Winning Formula Exposed comes as a PDF document, four videos and some screen capture software. You’ll also need software to input the bets as the Betfair interface is too slow.

The cost of the package is £69.95 and is available from the Steve Davidson stable of products.

We followed Winning Formula Exposed for a period of 45 days.

A starting bank of 100 units was used: 1 point was placed in the win market and one point in the place market if three places paid.

All bets were placed at level stakes. As many qualifying races as possible had bets placed in.

All results were recorded after deduction of 5% commission. The bets were placed using Betting Assistant (Gruss) but any other third party software may be used.

——— Winning Formula Exposed Review Results ———-

Win Profit = +22.48pts

Place Loss = -14.69pts

Win & Place Combined = +7.89pts


Final Review of Winning Formula Exposed.

217 races over the 45 days resulting in:-

35 wins for a strike rate of 16.13% and won 22.48 points.

87 places for a strike rate of 40.10% and lost 14.69 points.

Overall the races win and place resulted in a profit of 7.89 points at an average profit of 3.63%.

16 races did not pay out on 3 places.


Even though the trial produced a small profit we do not believe that this was a good result for 45 days work.

Some problems with overlapping races resulted in some races being missed and one point to note is that if the races went off more than 2minutes late the results were poor. The worst week was obtained during a period when very few races went off on time, with some over 20 minutes late.

Betting win only would have produced a reasonable profit and for that reason a Neutral recommendation will be given. We believe that it is possible to obtain very different results over a time period and in our opinion; the Winning Formula Exposed System has a large element of luck involved.