Avoid Betting System Scams – Part 1

Avoid Betting System Scams Once and For All…

Hi, let’s face it, if you’ve been browsing betting sites online for any period of time, you’ve almost certainly seen betting systems for sale.

Avoid Betting Scams

Feel the Force

And, if you’re anything like me, you’ve been drawn magnetically towards the hollow promises in the sales bluster like a fly is drawn to that luminous blue light in the bug zapper!

Deep down, you know that what you’re being told is extremely unlikely to be true… but we simply have to find out!

So, the first thing  we want to tell you, here at OnlineBettingExposed,  is… you’re not alone. In fact, thousands of people buy betting systems every single day, and many of them end up with a few worthless words on pieces of virtual paper that are not worth the bits and bytes they’re ‘printed’ on.

And, finally, you are now part of  a community… a community whose combined betting experience stretches into hundereds of years.   People, on OBE, are just like yourself wanting to find the systems that work for them.   In between us we have probably reviewed over a hundred systems and services, and I am sure that we would be able to count the truly good ones on the fingers of two hands (some might say one).

Not only that, but we are fed up with the increasing number of scammers and shysters who promise the earth (in exchange for £27), but deliver little more than an express one-way ticket to the poorhouse.

So we have compiled some short, no nonsense guides to help you (and perhaps to remind you!) of the things to look out for when considering buying a betting system online.

In this first mini tutorial, we will show you the dreaded sales page.   No doubt you will have been hit by a few by now and you are wondering how on earth everything can look so fantastic?   Surely you should by everything that you see?   NO…DEFINITELY NOT!

There are good systems out there and these are the ones to focus on, but in order to get to the good we have to undersatnd how to filter out the bad.   So let’s start by taking a look at a typical sales page below and we’ll highlight a few things to be wary of.

Avoid Betting Scams

The Sales Screen

OK, to start?!

Firstly, the graphics are quite distinctive with a number of betting systems such as this one. Whilst the ‘look and feel’ of the page is not in itself the death knell for the product, it should cause you to be on guard.

Secondly, the headlines almost always contain numbers and often contain references to a manual worker of some description who has now ‘retired’ on his new found winning system.

Next, the Betfair account screenshots. To prove how fake these are, we used the same generator these guys do to produce the screenshot below:

Avoid Betting System Scams

The fake Betfair account

It would take no more than ten minutes to edit the whole thing, and you can see this for yourself here: http://www.juicestorm.com/tools/betfairgen

OK, so we have introduced a few of the early warning signs that you need to be careful of.  How to ‘read’ the sales page is one of the first tasks that you will need to becaome adept at, therefore if you see these elements you should be wary in the extreme.

Next we shall introduce you to the purchasers saviour…. watch this space for the next OBE ‘buyer beware’ advice.

However, if you absolutely can’t wait, and want to get your hands dirty with reserching systems, you can do no better than to take a look at the OnlineBettingExposed list of Betting Systems Reviewed.


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