Avoid Betting System Scams – Part 3

Identify the Better Purchases

There are quite a few things you can do to avoid scams, including avoiding buying betting systems! But, if you’re like us, and love rules based and statistical approaches to horse racing and sports betting, then there are are a couple of top tips that can help you save money. 

Look for a Refund Guarantee or Free Trial Period

Avoid Betting System Scams

We Like Free Trials

It sounds obvious, I know, but it is not the case that all betting systems sales sites offer a refund guarantee. So be sure to check for this before parting with any money as it will be too late once you have pressed the button to buy. 

There is only exception I make to this golden rule, and that is if there is a free trial on offer. If there is a free trial, take full advantage of it. 

This means making a physical note (either by adding a reminder to your email calendar, or your phone, or writing on your wall planner, or whatever) of the date the trial expires. 

It is normally the case that if you do not cancel within the trial period, you will be automatically charged for the next period of service after the trial has elapsed. Most reputable providers will refund you if you accidentally forget, but don’t take this chance. It is your responsibility to remember, and if you do, then you’ll never have any problems. 

[Most recurring subscription products/services leave the control of the payment mandate in the hands of the buyer, i.e. you. If that’s not the case, I would be very wary. So, for instance, if you’re not able to cancel directly with your bank, or via PayPal or through a membership website, take care.] 

Clickbank Refunds

Once again, before you go pressing that button to get hold of your next system, take a moment to reseach the product, especially if it is a Clickbank product. 

To protect itself and to alert affiliates to high refund rate products , Clickbank publishes the payouts per sale ($/sale) for each product, (provided the product is not too new or is making at least some sales.)   This takes into account the number of refunds that have been requested for a given product. 

Avoid Betting System Scams

Here To Help

There are a number of sites on the Internet that can offer some guidance to the viability of Clickbank products.   A Google search on the term “Clickbank Refund Rate” or “Clickbank Refund Rate Calculator” will return sites with a natty little tool to help you understand the potential refund rate of a specific Clickbank product. 

You will need to have a few of the product statistics to hand, which are readily available from the Clickbank Marketplace, enter them into the refund rate calculator from your Google search, and hey presto! You now have an estimate of the refund rate for the product you are researching. 

Thoughts as to what makes a good or bad refund rate vary.   However, general consensus is that the average Clickbank refund rate is around 10%.   Therefore a refund rate of 5% or less is considered pretty good, 11% to 20% is questionable and 21% or higher is downright unadvisable. 

So, in conclusion, there are a couple of tools that you can start to use that will help you filter out some of the unwelcome system candidates that may be on your wishlist.

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