Avoid Betting System Scams – Part 4

Our Good Friend, Google

Avoid Betting System ScamsIn our previous tutorials, we have highlighted some of the indicators for identifying scam products that you don’t have to go searching too hard for.   It’s just a question of knowing what to look for.

In this tutorial, we start to scratch the surface a bit more and reveal some of the signs that lie just beneath the surface.

‘Google’ the Seller

It is so easy to check things out these days, that there is simply no excuse for not doing this. If you’ve been able to navigate to the product sales page, then you have the requisite skill to find out about the vendor! 😉

As an example, below you will see a screenshot of what you can see if you search for “Matt Bisogno”, the owner of OnlineBettingExposed.com, from google.co.uk (it might be different in other countries, but there will still be over 1.1 million results and there are not that many other people with my name!)

Best Betting Sites

What does this tell you?

Matt is real. He has been online doing this for a number of years. We hope, in time, you will find that you can trust his opinions. If you cannot find search results for the vendor of the system you’re considering, it is quite likely that the seller is operating under a pseudonym. Whilst that doesn’t damn the system or service instantly, it is something I’m personally wary of, and I suggest you should be too.

Take this search a step further.   If you performed another search of a different vendor that returned 10 results in Google, what view would you have of this vendor compared with Matt Bisogno.   This is a case where quantity is important.   It takes a lot of time and effort to achieve a footprint of nearly 150,000 entries in Google.   A vendor who is looking to make a fast buck will not be putting that level of effort into their work.   There will not be that much evidence of that vendor for Google to find.

In this case, ladies, size IS important 🙂

So that’s how to start scratching the surface and uncovering the good, the bad and downright ugly.   Following on later in this series of top tips, we’ll reveal how Google can be used  to dig even deeper.

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