Avoid Betting System Scams – Part 5

Google to the Rescue (Again!)

Avoid Betting System ScamsPreviously we started to scratch the surface of ‘betting system world’ and found out how to reveal more about the ne’er do wells by using Google.   Now we start to dig a bit deeper.   This is where our good friend, Google, can help us out even more.

‘Google’ for a Review of the Product

The primary raison d’être for OnlineBettingExposed is to bring unbiased and independent reviews of betting products to the betting public.   These reviews are performed without influence and report on the actual race, match or event with actual odds and real profit/loss figures over a period of time.   Therefore, when we publish the outcome of a product review, you know that it is the best reflection of that product’s performance for that review period.

Here’s where we hold up a hand of caution… not all product reviews are equal, and not all of them are unbiased. For instance, let’s take a look at another screenshot from Google, this time for a product called ‘Backing Star’ .

Avoid Betting System Scams

Although the text is not easy to make out, hopefully you can see that the first six results are from OnlineBettingExposed.com, and the next four are from GeeGeez.co.uk (another site of mine). That is because whenever possible we endeavour, through our team of reviewers, to undertake a live trial of the system or service. That was the case here.

In other words, even if you have the good sense to search for reviews of a product, make sure you also check the veracity of the site you’re using for research purposes.

There are some reliable ones. Here are a few others that we would trust:

  • Geegeez.co.uk
  • Horse-racing.ie (my site as well)
  • Horseracingman.com
  • Cash-master.com/blog
  • Moremoneyreview.com
  • And, of course, www.onlinebettingexposed.com!

By now we hope you are becoming far more confident on how to avoid those undesirable scams that are, unfortunately, a part of betting system life out there in the great wide world of the Internet.

As long as you’re feeling confident, let us suggest that you take a wander over to the  OnlineBettingExposed list of Betting Systems Reviewed.


Look HereOn the right hand side you will find the latest reviews performed by experienced OBE reviewers.   Click on any of the review links to read their independent review of that betting system. You can be sure they are unbiased 🙂