Lay-zy Dogs System Review

Lay-zy Dogs System Review

Lay-zy Dogs

Lay-zy Dogs is a laying system for the UK Greyhound Meetings.   The cost of the system is £37 which gives you a 23-page PDF of the Lay-zy Dogs system rules and a full worked example of the rules.

There are seven Lay-zy Dog rules to apply which focus on finding the combination of poor trap draw and likely poor performance of the dog in that trap.   The rules take a little bit of getting used to but once you have done a few selections it does become easier.   In fact I found myself operating the rules in a slightly different order due to how the data appeared on the websites.

In terms of what do you need to run Lay-zy dogs?   You need access to the internet and two websites, The Greyhound Breeding and Racing Database and The Racing Post, both of which are free to access.   Because there are many races to look through, I found it useful to use my printer to produce a hardcopy of the meeting (not individual races) .   In this way I could mark off whether a meeting qualified for selection or not.

Personally I would also recommend a betting bot if you cannot, or do not want to be sat at in front of the computer all day.   Lay-zy Dogs selections can be made the evening before, or on the morning of, the day’s racing. Therefore it is simple enough to load them into your bot in the morning and fire it up.

Matt Houghton, author of Lay-zy Dogs, does address the little concern I have with any laying greyhound system, which is the issue of liquidity an liability.   The liquidity of the markets is not good, therefore it can lead to some serious liability, which is reflected by the limit placed on the lay bets of 11.0.   However, Matt keeps the losses to a minium by advising staking to liability and specifically suggesting laying to a liability of 5% of your bank.   Although if you feel this is too adventurous, or not adventurous enough, you can adjust your stake accordingly.

As for how I intend to approach the Lay-zy Dogs review?    I will select two or three cards at random and make the selections from those cards.   I will start with a betting bank of £1,000 and stake to 5% liability as suggested in the manual.   The selections will be monitored via paper trading on a betting bot to determine the lay odds available. The Lay-zy Dogs ’virtual bets’ will be placed in the 20 seconds before the scheduled race start. 

I have included the Industry SP in the results purely for comparision purposes only.   They play NO part in any of the bet calculations.   It will be interesting to see how the exchange odds differ from the bookie prices.

———- Lay-zy Dogs Detailed Results ——–

Day 1 - Lay-zy Dogs 31/03/2011

There are 13 selections from today’s meetings at Romford, Crayford and Belle Vue:

Time Meeting Selection BF
ISP Result Stake Profit / Loss
14:08 Romford Pouldine Kiowa 8.00 (6.00) W £3.57 £3.39
14:27 Romford Gouldiam Robin 8.00 (5.50) W £3.60 £3.42
15:17 Crayford Playfield Era 4.60 (4.00) W £7.04 £6.69
16:08 Romford Gulvins Luck 7.00 (5.00) W £4.28 £4.07
16:18 Crayford Heaven Sent >11 (9.00) NoBet    
16:37 Crayford Stayinbythewall 10.00 (6.00) W £2.88 £2.73
17:17 Crayford Nanny Ni Hills 3.75 (4.00) L £9.46 -£26.01
18:04 Crayford Fawkham Veri 9.60 (6.00) W £2.87 £2.73
18:18 Crayford Bulletproof 6.00 (6.00) W £4.97 £4.72
19:25 Belle Vue Princess Liz >11 (7.00) NoBet    
19:55 Belle Vue Seathwaite City >11 (7.00) NoBet    
20:25 Belle Vue Wilcos Thunder >11 (5.50) NoBet    
21:40 Belle Vue Autumn Hope >11 (8.00) NoBet    


Potentially, it looks like the afternoon meetings, rather than the evening meetings, are better selections to achieve the odds required to make a bet.   No conclusion should be drawn at this early stage for Lay-zy Dogs, but one hypothesis is that the afternoon meetings draw more attention therefore have a greater liquidity that the evening cards.

Profit / Loss Today: £1.73
Overall Strike Rate: 87.5%
Net Betting Bank: £501.73


Day 2 - Lay-zy Dogs 01/04/2011

I have opted for 16 selections from today’s meetings at Oxford, Hove, Monmore and Swindon:

Time Meeting Selection BF
ISP Result Stake Profit / Loss
11:19 Oxford Global Maldini 3.95 (3.50) W £8.50 £8.08
12:04 Oxford Dilton Ellie 16.00 (9.00) NoBet    
12:27 Hove Viewpark Jinky 18.00 (8.00) NoBet    
12:47 Oxford Fane Cracker 12.00 (7.00) NoBet    
13:19 Oxford Greencroft Honch 16.50 (9.00) NoBet    
13:44 Hove Jumeirah Bee 14.50 (6.00) NoBet    
13:58 Hove Johns Not Rotten 16.00 (7.00) NoBet    
14:08 Swindon Bolt The Gate 8.60 (6.00) W £3.35 £3.19
14:18 Monmore Kitchen Sink 10.00 (7.00) W £2.85 £2.71
14:37 Monmore Direct Angie 9.00 (6.00) W £3.22 £3.06
15:07 Swindon Clydal Stride 14.00 (8.00) NoBet    
15:48 Swindon Line cut 5.60 (3.75) W £5.64 £5.36
16:27 Swindon Annual Arrow 6.40 (5.00) W £4.85 £4.61
17:07 Swindon Class Eagle 10.50 (5.00) W £2.78 £2.64
17:33 Monmore Blazer Diamond 2.92 (2.75) W £13.84 £13.15
18:18 Monmore Murlens Raven 4.50 (4.00) W £7.78 £7.39


A wonderful day today for Lay-zy Dogs, with all qualifiying lay bets winning, giving us a profit of over £50.   Again, it is noticable that the afternoon meetings were able to achieve their bets, this time better than the morning meetings.   This could be another indicator that the afternoon cards are more liquid and potentially give us better odds.

Profit / Loss Today: £50.18
Overall Strike Rate: 94.1%
Net Betting Bank: £551.91


Day 3 - Lay-zy Dogs 02/04/2011

16 selections today from a combination of Crayford, Newcastle, Poole, Sittingbourne and Hall Green.   I have opted for a selection from early afternoon through to late evening to see if there is any noticable difference in the odds.

Time Meeting Selection BF
ISP Result Stake Profit / Loss
13:11 Crayford Newlawn Scarty 5.40 (4.50) W £6.27 £5.96
13:44 Crayford Swift Rewavance 6.40 (5.00) W £5.17 £4.91
15:37 Newcastle Barrhead Black 22.00 (13.00) NoBet    
15:53 Newcastle Matty’s Girl 12.00 (6.00) NoBet    
18:33 Poole Rambos Illusion 4.90 (3.25) W £7.22 £6.85
18:44 Sittingbourne Local Event 9.80 (6.00) L £3.24 -£28.48
19:06 Poole Nevus Blue 10.50 (7.00) W £2.85 £2.71
19:50 Hall Green Watch For Fun 21.00 (6.00) NoBet    
20:04 Sittingbourne Hedsor Dianne 28.00 (11.00) NoBet    
20:05 Hall Green Lagganmore Hawk 13.00 (4.50) NoBet    
20:20 Hall Green Ardera Chloe 13.00 (4.50) NoBet    
20:36 Sittingbourne Barngrane Alan 10.50 (6.00) W £2.86 £2.72
20:41 Poole King Dior 8.00 (6.00) W £3.90 £3.71
20:52 Sittingbourne Star Fish 7.00 (5.00) W £4.59 £4.36
21:20 Hall Green Ballinclare Lee 85.00 (6.00) NoBet    
21:22 Sittingbourne Kiwis Dilemma 20.00 (9.00) NoBet    


A small profit of almost £3 today for Lay-zy Dogs, which is better than a loss, so I shouldn’t complain.   However, it is very noticable how the lay odds on the greyhounds are quite high, hence our seven wins from the day were almost cancelled out by the one loss at Sittingbourne.   One extreme example of the liquidity issue was highlighted in the 21:20 at Hall Green where we could only achieve lay odds of 85.0 within 20 seconds of the race starting, yet 5/1 was available to back Ballinclare Lee with the bookmakers.

Profit / Loss Today: £2.73
Overall Strike Rate: 92.0%
Net Betting Bank: £554.64


Day 4 - Lay-zy Dogs 03/04/2011

Brought back down to earth with a bit of a bump, wiping out any gain the bank had made todate.   This just shows the impact of a few losing lays at these odds.

Todays’ selections were from every race meeting possible that Betfair was publishing and available through the betting bot.   For the record some points of note are:

  • Two qualifying races at Perry Barr were abondonned, which could have effected the bottom line for the day in either direction.
  • Both the 12:32 at Pery Barr and the 15:27 at Kinsley, the odds disqualified the selection from placing a bet.   However both produced dogs that won their races.   In both cases the odds recorded were not a million miles away from the 11.0 limit set by the system.   Therefore it could have been a pretty disastrous result if they had both qualified.
Time Meeting Selection BF
ISP Result Stake Profit / Loss
11:19 Perry Barr Best Sunshine 12.00 (7.00) NoBet £2.52 £0.00
11:34 Perry Barr Solway King 3.50 (3.25) W £11.09 £10.54
11:58 Hove Doidys Dream 8.20 (5.50) W £3.92 £3.73
12:13 Hove Swift Chariot 11.00 (8.00) W £2.84 £2.70
12:18 Perry Barr Autumn Fusion 5.10 (4.00) L £6.97 -£28.58
12:32 Perry Barr Big Nellie 13.50 (9.00) NoBet    
12:42 Hove Mandela House 7.00 (6.00) W £4.53 £4.30
13:04 Perry Barr Chapelane Carty 9.60 (7.00) L £3.18 -£27.37
13:19 Perry Barr Highfire Charlie 3.90 (3.25) L £8.96 -£26.00
13:33 Perry Barr Polnoon Jet 7.80   NoBet   Abandonned
13:44 Hove Karma Light 3.40 (3.25) W £10.29 £9.78
13:51 Perry Barr Rhincrew George 9.00   NoBet   Abandonned
13:58 Hove Guiness Black 10.50 (8.00) W £2.65 £2.52
14:06 Perry Barr Cragg Merc 12.00   NoBet    
15:13 Kinsley Royal Trooper 10.50 (6.00) W £2.66 £2.53
15:22 Oxford Active Wasp 5.40 (5.00) W £5.78 £5.49
15:27 Kinsley Boozed Tangler 11.50 (7.00) NoBet    
15:59 Kinsley Satellite Ninja 7.80 (6.00) W £3.78 £3.59
16:14 Kinsley Feystown Ollie 10.00 (9.00) W £2.88 £2.73
16:54 Oxford Greencroft Angel 11.50 (5.00) NoBet    
17:11 Oxford Bright Hawk 10.50 (5.00) W £2.74 £2.60
17:27 Oxford Ballymac Said 7.00 (7.00) W £4.36 £4.14
17:44 Oxford Shelbourne Perk 4.30 (4.00) L £7.99 -£26.37


Profit / Loss Today: -£53.66
Overall Strike Rate: 85.4%
Net Betting Bank: £500.98


Take a look at Lay-zy Dogs….


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One Response to “Lay-zy Dogs System Review”
  1. ColinB says:

    Delighted to see an honest review.
    Unfortunately the premise on which this system is sold is that its independant “reviewer” made an enticing profit.
    What the sales letter does NOT tell you is that the so called review did not use achieved lay prices as this sites tester is doing, but used SP. We know:-
    a. Theres is a variance from SP tp Lay sp, which on the gogs, as highlighted by your reviewer can be hundreds of percent increase.
    b. If you apply a modest plusage to SP for the sales letters published figures, there is still a small profit being made, but I used my own money to test and after a couple of decent days soon ran into losses so stopped. Because there is sense to the methodoligy I believe it will be possible to scrape along without losing money, but do not buy on the basis of the sales letter. Follow the results of this sites seemingly very thorough tester instead

    I had a discussion with Mr Houghton about this but it still appears that the published figures are still be used to justify the “profits achieved by the “independant tester”" in the sales letter and we KNOW they cannot be so.

    Buyers Beware

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