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Betting System Reviews Update: 06/06/13

Welcome to your weekly roundup of the
OBE Betting System Reviews.

As May came to a close, so did several of our spring reviews and it was time to introduce some new faces to the site. We’ve three new reviews online this week with a few more lined up for the next couple of weeks. However, as it is transition time, the overall picture has been pretty quiet. One of our outgoing services Fold4Gold was our best performer of the week, making £217, but this is a pittance compared to their overall losses, which you’ll see shortly.

It wasn’t a bad week for the infrequent Value Backing service, whose only bet of the week was a 13/2 winner, netting a cool £65 for a £10 stake. It should be added that the VB Extra selections (Value Backing‘s daily tip service) have been in fine form of late, including a 20/1 winner a couple of days ago. Meanwhile, the only other current review to show a profit was Stable Line Gold who continue to make hay while the sun shines with another £45.50 this week.

The worst three results this week come from relative newcomers to the site: Horse Laying Professional run two sets of results based on the staking system you choose, so they are permanently linked in both good time and bad. It was a losing week this week, so both staking plans are in the weekly bottom three with losses of £45.50 and £52.89. The worst performer lost more than both those figures combined as Night Time Racing‘s good start now seems a distant memory. They followed up last week’s £140 loss with one of £106 this week and they’re in a perilous position already after just a fortnight, as you can see when we…

…look at the latest OBE Betting System Reviews league table:

Stable Lays £264.30 (at day 33)
Stable Line Gold £186.13 (at day 22)
Summer Soccer Predictor £0.00 (at day 0)
AAP Insiders £0.00 (at day 0)
Value Backing -£43.75 (at day 35)
Horse Laying Professionals (Level Stakes) -£45.50 (at day 4)
Horse Laying Professionals (Stake Plan) -£52.89 (at day 4)
Night Time Racing -£226.25 (at day 14)
Fold4Gold -£1,105.50 (at day 60)
Football Lays -£1,951.40 (at day 49)
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None of Stable Lays selections this week actually qualified as bets, as they were all too highly priced, so they remain at the top of the pile, but Stable Line Gold is rapidly closing in and will be having designs on the No. 1 position next week. And they are the only two services in the black at present. Newcomers AAP Insiders & Summer Soccer Predictor have proofed no selections just yet, leaving the remaining six reviews in the red.

These six have currently lost some £3425 between them, with the two main culprits leaving us this week. The removal of Fold4Gold (-£1105.50) and Football Lays (-£1951.40) will give the leader board a but more dignity/respectability if nothing else and it will also serve to put a bit of pressure on the likes of Night Time Racing, whose revival really needs to start right now.

Both Fold4Gold and Football Lays have completed their time on review and it’s a resounding thumbs down for the pair of them. Getting involved with either will seriously damage your bank balance. If I was to suggest a subscription to any of the above this week, it would be Stable Line Gold. The daily emails are concise yet thorough and the advice given is generally very good.

For further details on Stable Line Gold or indeed any other service we’re covering, simply click on the name of the service you’re interested in.

All the best,
Chris and the OBE Betting System Reviews team

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