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Every day in the UK thousands flock to the racecourse and an even greater number use online betting sites such as Betfair, or the many online bookmaker sites, to place bets on the result of horse races. It’s a fun pursuit for most and for the vast majority of punters it’s seen as a harmless flutter. But what if you’d like to take it a step further and work the statistics in the same way the bookies do to place the odds in your favour?

Well, there’s an evergrowing number of websites and software available to you these days, some free and some with hefty price tags, that enable you to do just that and today I’m going to share an excellent free website with you that you can use to analyse horse races like the professionals do, with only a minimal amount of prior knowledge of the sport.

The site I’m talking about is Adrian Massey’s Horse Racing Ratings….

Every day of the week Adrian produces ratings for the key horse racing meetings of the day, but on top of that you can also access a wealth of other statistics on how the favourites perform in different types of races, how jockey and trainers perform, draw bias, odds analysis, and more.

That’s all good, but hidden away on Adrian’s website is another little known tool that lets you perform your own queries on his horse racing database. It’s a system analyser with dozens of options for you to research the past 8 or 9 year’s horse racing results and you can use it to find profitable trends in the form with ease.

Adrian changes the location of the system analyser from time to time, so rather than give you the direct URL I’ll tell you how to find it on his site by browsing through the sections….

1. Go to his horse racing ratings page.

2. Skim down the left hand column until you see “Favourites Statistics“.

3. Click on this link and then look to the bottom of the left hand column on this page until you see “Generate Custom Report“. This link takes you straight to the system analyser.

You can use this tool to generate quite sophisticated reports and systems, but in order to get started you can keep it as simple as selecting one of today’s race meetings, studying favourites only and looking at how they generally perform at the course, over the distance of each race and on the ground conditions. This will let you see at a glance whether the favourite in the race should be considered for backing or laying.

Another thing I use it for personally is working out the draw advantage in sprint races during the flat season. As before, you can input the course, the distance of the race and the going, then run a report that shows you if there’s any kind of draw advantage. There often is a draw advantage in this type of race, sometimes quite significant, and when you know what it is you can make an educated decision on whether to back or lay.

This is obviously just a short introduction to what you can do with Adrian’s system analyser, but you should have a play around with it yourself and I’m sure you’ll soon be performing much more elaborate queries and building your own profitable systems from the results.

A word of warning – it’s quite addictive when you get started…

Click Here To Visit Adrian Massey’s Website!

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  1. Jim Evans says:

    I knew about Massey’s website but didn’t know about the system tool. That will come in very handy so thanks – your site is already proving worthwhile!

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