The Betfair Loophole

Unless you’ve been living under a stone for the last couple of weeks you’ll have heard the story about the guy who has discovered a secret loophole in Betfair’s system that enables you to generate wealth at will. I’ve been bombarded with emails about this “completely new discovery”, so I’m sure you will have too.

I got my copy of this remarkable system the very first day it was released (along with about 1000 others so I understand) and my first impression of it was “surely, SURELY, no-one would have the cheek to release something so pitiful with such a fanfare of publicity”, but the betting system conveyor belt folks from Rochdale Rd, Manchester (I’m sure you know who they are) never seem to let quality control get in the way when there’s a buck to be made out of gullible punters.

The whole sales pitch for Betfair Loophole works along these lines….

What I am about to present to you is the massive loop-hole in Betfair that I have discovered and The System I have perfected to exploit it and generate staggering profits whether you’re a novice or a seasoned Betfair veteran.

…and an impressive sales pitch it is, but like so many of the products they release (on a near weekly basis) they quite obviously put more effort into their advertising spiel than they do with the systems themselves and this has got to be one of the worst examples of that I’ve seen yet.

It’s basically a laying/trading type system and the only new thing about it is that unlike most systems this one concentrates on greyhound racing instead of the more popular sports like horse racing and soccer. That alone should be enough to make the alarm bells ring, because there’s barely enough liquidity on the greyhound markets to warrant betting on them at the best of times, nevermind when 1000 or more people are all trying to get on similar selections.

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about here, the time is currently 13.37, the first greyhound race today is the 13.44 at Sheffield – in 7 minutes time – and do you know how much money has been matched so far? £191! That’s £191 matched between two people (there’s always a backer and a layer on Betfair) so the actual sum bet on this race so far is a mere £95.50.

Fill your boots, eh? That’s 9 and a half pence for every punter!

To make matters worse, the very first screengrab you see on their website shows you a market on Betfair where the account holder is guaranteed a profit of £475 no matter what the result, but get this… it’s for a cricket match… so in no way at all does this relate to the system itself!

There are other things I don’t like about Betfair Loophole, but these are big enough reasons to ensure that this system won’t work, so rather than wasting my time and your’s, I’ll simply say that you should ignore anyone who tries to tell you that there’s a loophole on Betfair.

My advice = save your cash! ;-)

Learn More About The Betfair Loophole…

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No Responses to “The Betfair Loophole”
  1. Melcom says:

    Good on you Paul for calling it what it is. Bought it on the release day, within a few minutes realised it was a big con as the examples did not match the main idea/sales pitch -the only loopholes are the holes in the system. Within a couple of days asked Clickbank for my money back for false advertising by the vendors. I got my money back. System in the trash where it belongs

  2. Paul says:

    That you Clem? I wasn’t sure.

    It amazes me that someone would go to so much trouble to create a marketing pitch that was good enough to pull in $50,000 plus in the first couple of days and then blow the whole thing with screenshots that don’t relate to the system and a system that is, at best, crap. It’s like when you hear stories of master criminals who if they were to go straight would be geniuses :-)

  3. LF says:

    Yes, this system is so bad that there is no word to describe how bad it is. If there were a Museum of Crappy Systems this would be in a room by itself with a security guard.

    His “super secret special millionaire’s loophole laying system” provides zero mathematical advantage so if you employ it you will have the overround to certainly grind your bank into the dirt. You have as much chance making money with this as picking random horses out of a hat.

    The trading advice to green up is so vague it’s almost like “If the price moves out, lock in a profit”. No advice as to what to look out for, what to do if the price moves against you, the best time to lock in a profit, etc. And on top of this you have the massive liquidity issues with the greyhounds.

    At least the “system of the week” boys have come clean about what they’re really about. Package any old info into an ebook (make sure half is taken up with how to back and lay on Betfair), include a few system rules, include some system variations, include a staking plan which is “increase stakes as your bank does” (as if it ever will) and you end up with a solid business plan without ever having to touch the thing you are supposedly a master trader at: the betting exchanges.

  4. Paul says:

    Here, here!

    I’ve got to say that’s one of the best posts we’ve ever had on here LF. Nice work! ;-)

  5. Davey says:

    I bought this too and it was a right bunch of junk. Avoid at all costs!

  6. Jon says:

    Avoid this system, luckily the refund is straight forward, just contact clickbank!

  7. LF says:

    Guess what has landed in my email box over the past couple of weeks?

    Not one, but TWO brand new systems that are apparently used by professional punters to make 100, 200, 300 or even 500 pounds per day from the betting exchanges!

    Apparently 98% of the punters are long term losers and the writers of these systems have very generously decided to share their special knowledge with the general public!


    These clowns are the betting equivalent of the Nigerian scam emails. How they have avoided being driven out of their scam business by consumer affairs departments mystifies me.

  8. Paul says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen them too LF. They had one of them out just days after the Loophole was released and the other just days after that. I wouldn’t bother buying anything they release now to be honest.

  9. Chris Wilson says:

    Landed here with the Google search term “Betfair loophole” after seeing this system ranked on clickbank No.17

    I was in the process of evaluating this e-book when I read the above comments…
    Thank you for your valued critical opinions.

    I’m not in the habit of affiliating with rubbish such as this, and I have to say; you have all saved me a lot of time and effort from further investigation.

    I would never be affiliated with a program that did not live up to it’s promise and expectations.

    Thanks again everyone

  10. Craig says:

    Hi Chris,

    Glad we could help you avoid that one. Unfortunately, there will be a whole lot more where that came from, but rest assured, we’ll do our best to guide you away from them.

  11. stewboss says:

    I’m ashamed to admit that I too was duped into buying this rubbish but fortunately I got my money back.

    Today, out of the blue, I’ve been charged a further two amounts of $50 each. I think it’s some kind of subscription service that I didn’t even sign up for. I’ve requested refunds for these amounts too from Clickbank.

    How do these people continue to get away with this?

  12. Paul says:

    @ Stewboss – their marketing spiel was quite convincing for this one and you weren’t alone in buying it :)

    You should ask CB what those charges are for, because it doesn’t appear to be a recurring subscription for Loophole. CB normally make that clear on the order form (the order form on their site) and I can’t see it for this product.

  13. stewboss says:

    @ Paul

    Immediately after I bought BFL, another page appeared offering me a tipster service to go with it.

    I declined but still got these charges (3 weeks later). Did anyone else see this page?

    The address Clickbank quoted for reply is :-


    [email protected]


  14. TopT says:

    Thanks for the feedback guys… almost fell for this one.

    I’m just sad for the people who actually bought it and still think it works… talk about gullibility.

    if it looks like a horse and smells like a horse it might be a pony that farted so its always good to check the teeth first.

  15. jimmy says:

    Hi paul,

    Another great review, this website is awesome, im really enjoying it, and look forward to viewing it everyday, thank you, will save me a lot of money on buying useless hyped up systems like the betfair loophole which i nearly purchased until i read Paul’s review, cheers, will look into betting school, looks like another honest site and a great deal.

  16. Joystick says:

    I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but WHY are there posts like this “Bought it on the release day, within a few minutes realised it was a big con” going on?

    You’re on a systems review site. WAIT until they review it if you aren’t sure and for God’s sake – STOP BUYING SYSTEMS! Some people are just addicted to it, as if owning 100 systems is going to make your more profit than owning 10. I used to sell a system (which I discontinued after a bad string of results – and gave refunds) and have launched a ratings service to replace it.

    I’m getting emails from customers who signed up to my old system, who are asking EXACTLY the same questions. “How much betting bank do I need?” “How much will I make?” “Can I put bets on before work or what?” – I reply to each one individually and try to gauge whether or not they suit my service. You look at their eBay feedback and find that they’ve bought thirty systems on there since they bought mine last year – almost one a week! What is WRONG with these people?

    The fact is that in most areas of life, money talks and bullshit walks. When it comes to racing systems, people’s ridiculous levels of greed means that the bullshit makes the money every time – and sticks around to make more later. Chances are, if they have a site that looks like one of those “sales pitch” sites…then they’re probably taking you for a ride. Anything for sale via ClickBank is instantly dubious. If the seller was making money, they’d be able to afford to hire a webmaster to write an e-commerce solution that DOESN’T cost them a percentage of every sale…

  17. hayden says:

    5minutes ago I almost paid $147 for betfair loophole. Incredibly clickbank declined my payment. Then I came here to this site just to see if others had brought this system and comments. What can I say…..Thank God for you blokes!! Thanks again!! Hayden

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