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In this section of Online Betting Exposed you can ask questions about the betting systems and services we review, discuss how they work and even post your own ideas and suggestions for maximizing your profits from them.

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1. When discussing betting systems please try your best not to give too many of the system rules away as this is obviously a public forum. It’s absolutely fine to discuss different aspects of the systems, but if you go into too much detail we may have to edit your comments.

2. Please refrain from posting negative comments about any system or service that may be deemed slanderous by the vendor, unless you have good reason to do so. If you wish to report a vendor for operating illegally or unethically please contact us and we’ll look into it for you.

3. As always, we encourage you to participate on every area of our website, but you should note that all comments are moderated and for the good of everyone who visits we simply can’t tolerate bad language, or any other kind of abusive behaviour, so please act responsibly.

And finally, we’ve set up this section so that you’ve got a handy place to come to for chatting about anything betting related that doesn’t quite slot into any other category, so please don’t let this stop you from commenting on the individual reviews we’ve posted in other sections as that’s what they’re there for and your feedback is always more than welcome.

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3,374 Responses to “Betting Systems & Strategies Forum”
  1. richard says:

    hi guys,does anyone know what happened to clive holt [fineform]
    for some reason,all this stuff and systems from paul fowlie,seems to remind me of the 80’s,might even get my duran records out.kind regards richard

  2. Gary says:

    Ahh Richard, the old days…..5+5+4+3+2+1= memories, to think 20 years on, i’m still lookin for that holy grail………………
    ah well, could be worse, we were in recession then……. mmmmmmmmm

  3. john kerr says:

    @ Richard – Clive Holt ? Get a grip,move on, hes probably deceased – long ago – he is no more – he has ceased to be – he is an ex-scammer. For Christ sake get hip man, we are now in the new age of Fowlie.

  4. John W says:


    Pretty sure he died a few years ago.


  5. anwar says:

    Hi guys,

    Please can you help me. Im looking at purchasing the Little Acorns Formula. Has anyone used this system and if their claims of profit true.

    I tried to find a months test for the system on the site, but no luck.

    Thanks in advance

  6. john kerr says:

    @ Richard
    Maybe I should apologise to the memory of Clive Holt, cos he did try in the days of LSD but someone should tell Mr Fowlie that Ketamine is real bad cos you forget what planet you’re on.

  7. Paul says:

    Hi Guys,

    Paul Fowlie here
    Dodgy Fav’s

    Giving out a free trial is in my eye’s a bad move, I’m not sure how many people use this forum but if there is 500 it is going to wreck the price and that is not fair on the customers that have already bought a copy
    There are quite a few that get on here that have bought a copy of Dodgy Fav’s so why not ask them to come forward and have their say.
    I’ve listened to criticism, much that I think has been very unfair to me, yes at times I’ve snapped and said things you should not do, I’m only human. Anyway like I say I’ve listened to what people have to say. I’ve wrote this system using Betfair odds, (I’ve set the Grey horse Bot to 420 seconds) and taken out commission. The results you get is the results everyone will get, all selections are now on my website for customers. Everything is totally genuine and of course proven to every customer that has bought a copy.

    Free Trial. So sorry I cannot give out a Free Trial but I thought that this was what OnlineBettingExposed was all about, testing systems. Paul or Craig can easily get a copy, infact they have had a copy for quite a while. Why not test this for 3 months. I will put you on my e-mail service for selections so you don’t have to do a thing



    PS. Yesterday’s selection, Tidal Bay, won at 4/11, layed at 1.56

    PPS. I’ve also sent out results to a few on here, there is 100% no chance that this system can be worked out, it’s just impossible

  8. Robin says:


    Paul Holt died a few years ago.

  9. Jeff & the Mutt says:

    will you be growing a mullet?

  10. Jeff & the Mutt says:

    I don’t think that posting selections for a week would be beneficial either to us or Paul Fowlie as a subjective trial. As we know from trials on here even 1 month is still difficult to get a good feel for the way the results will trend.

  11. Rod says:

    @ Those interested in Dodgy Favs….

    I have been using it since 18th August, and I have had one week’s hols, so can’t give accurate info, just on the time I’ve used it. There have been 2 losing weeks and to £100, I make it £2,609.40 actual. I’m a lazy bugger so for the time being take advantage of the daily website service for the tenner. It’s not as easy to get to the selections as there are quite a few rules to follow. If these numbers are not quite right I’m sure Paul Fowlie will give a more accurate version.

  12. Jeff & the Mutt says:

    @Paul F,
    I can’t agree that the free trial would be detrimental to those who’ve already purchased the system. In every walk of life we get trials of products and that’s in no way disadvantages others who’ve already bought the product. Broadband & mobile phones are a classic example of that. If selections were posted here then at the end of the trial period those who believe it’s a good product can then buy the system which puts them on exactly the same footing as those who’ve already bought it. If it’s a successful trial why wouldn’t we buy it, as we’d want to get on board surely? There’s no mileage in just having free selections for just a month, in fact if anyone actually laid their money down on a trial instead of papertrading, they’d want their heads testing.

    You admit yourself that the system can’t be worked out from the selections, so there’s no risk to you or people who’ve already bought it. I think a good compromise would be your suggestion that we run a trial on here as per other products, although I know that Craig & Paul are extremely busy and may have to designate someone to do it. I’m sure that someone would volunteer. You’d need to monitor his selections to ensure they’re correct of course.

    BTW as for getting a lot of stick, there’s a lot of systems out there that promise much, but just don’t deliver in the real world so you can’t blame people for having a go when they don’t perform. We’ve all been around long enough to know how results are skewed. Successful system sellers are the ones that deliver what they promise and can only benefit from recommendations and repeat business if they can produce the goods. Those that don’t deliver what they promise deserve critisism. Racing systems seem to be the only product that isn’t subject to the trade descriptions act.

    Just remember that we’re all potential customers. Fair play to you for coming on here to have your say though.

  13. TonyT says:

    Dodgey Favs

    Ok Paul, I see what you are getting at by not giving the free trial. However it’s been a long time since Craig or Paul has tested a system on here on a daily basis. Too much on their plate since OBE has grown so much I suppose and I expect they also get a lot of request to test other systems.

    The point I am trying to make even though systems can get a glowing review it still may not work for individual punters. It boils down to what systems will suit and work for each punters time constraint, risk ratio, bank, ability to stick with a plan etc…. Some may prefer a lot of action so the cashbooster system is out of the question, some prefer backing, some prefer laying etc. My own example is I still use the fancy fillies cos it works for me but others don’t like it or they say it doesn’t work for them. Another example the FP while the general consensus is good but too many risky days has made me drop it as sometimes my poor heart cannot handle watching the racing. So getting a good report from other punters will not necessary make me buy. Like wise when I give a good report about fancy fillies theres also negatives that comes back from others.

    Dodgey favs may be for some people and maybe not for others. If you trial it here not everyone is going to lump on as we are all cautious punters here. Many will probably paper trade or try small stakes to test the water. If its good you will convert a few punters to buying and joining your service. If you say its not fair to the previous buyers, well they made achoice in buying and should well be happy if its showing them the money and would not be bothered if you try other methods to drum up more business for yourself. You said yourself there is no way that we can figure out the selection so you’ve not got anything to worry about.

    What you’ll find on OBE is a lot of seasoned and battlehardened punters who has seen it bought it and done it all, no amount of glitzy graphics or sales pitch and fancy marketing words will convince us unless we can try it for ourselves. Theres no loss to you but everything to gain. If you are worried about too many people getting the selections why dont you have a email opt in list like what Davidsteel is doing and only send out daily selections to those interested for a trial month. That way you can monitor amount of people and build up a potential database of future customers who have tried it and most likely to buy.

    Unless I personally have tested it, I won’t be buying.

  14. Terry says:

    @anwar – are currently trialing little acorns, but haven’t done a month yet – they are just a few days into it.

  15. future says:

    has any one heard about the racing post online to start charging for their service .

  16. john kerr says:

    Maria didnt leave that photo on site very long – perhaps Adrian told her to stop being so naughty ;-)

  17. TonyT says:

    Woohoo, the BIG RACING GIVEAWAY has started. They’re giving away all their old crap unworkable systems for FREE. Well I have got to admit, I did sign up to see if theres any info I can gleam from them. Yes I will get a load of advertising emails but that will go straight into my spam/junk box so wouldn’t have to read them.

  18. davidsteel says:

    John Kerr,

    She has a blog so you can still see her on there…

  19. Rod says:

    @John Kerr – What a shame……..

    @Tony T – surely they already have our e-mail addresses?? It’ll make a change from being battered by viagra, super viagra, cialis and grow your tool to 15 inches or whatever spammers !!

  20. Rod says:

    On a more serious note, does anyone know of a Rodney Masters? Out of the blue I am on a free trial of his back betting service. It looks quite good so far, and I wish I had put some cash down, but we’re a cautious bunch aren’t we !

  21. John W says:

    I was having a really bad day but a visit to the ‘great giveaway’ has really cheered me up.

    Who in their right mind would want to be involved with that bunch.

    Like this one best

    ‘FREE 7 day trial period of Redd Racing betting advisory service, from Max Redd himself’

    WOW !! The well known shyster himself, how lucky am I.

    Best photo has to be Graham Laurie from Cash Master, is he wearing fancy dress ?

  22. Terry says:

    Think my favourite was the inspired formula that involves laying horses that have no tips in the RP :-)

  23. Traf says:

    Has anybody got anything to report about Nailed On? Your thoughts would be appreciated.

  24. richard says:

    so no free trial from paul fowlie,now that has suprised
    at least his picture wasnt on the great giverway scam with the rest of the crooks,who knows maybe he isn’t so bad after all,surely a one week trial would’nt hurt too much paul,best wishes richard

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