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It’s not often we at OBE will give much time to a tipping service, in fact if memory serves, we’ve only ever looked at two in our history, both had their merits but for one reason or another couldn’t be given a full thumbs up.

However, I think I may have unearthed one of the best tipping services out there.  It’s a service called Punters Profits and it concentrates on laying horses at the lower end of the market, more often than not the favourite or second favourite.  This is the first thing that attracted me to Punters Profits. Too many other services quote great profits but all it takes is one high priced loser (winner) to wipe them out.  Things are different with Punters Profits as the highest you’ll ever lay is 6.0 on Betfair, and you’ll regularly be laying well under that, in fact the average price is less than 4.2!  They also have an enviable strike rate of 80% which when you add together with the maximum odds means that straight away you’re on to a winner!

As I said, Punters Profits is an advisory service and they are excellent at getting you an email the evening before racing so you’ve got plenty time to sort out your bets.  The email is short and straight to the point, with anywhere between one or two selections and a dozen!  The fact that you get the email the evening before racing and that there’s no complicated rules means it’s simple to run it on auto-pilot using the likes of the Grey Horse Bot.

Punters Profits offer a couple of different ways to play their selections.  Either straightforward level staking at 1% of the bank or staking to a liability of five points.  Personally, I’ve taken the liability route because the odds are so low I’m often making more profit than if I level staked.

I have been tracking the service since early June, and even though they’ve suffered the odd losing week, I’m well in front for the period.  In fact I’m using £50 a point (so total liability of £250 per bet) and in the two months I’ve been testing it, I’ve banked a shade over £4500!  Had I been level staking, I’d have banked a shade under £3500, which isn’t too shabby if you ask me!

Now, not everyone is going to be happy laying at £50 a point, but even at half that, that’s still a monthly income of over £1000…. completely tax free!

Punters Profits have been kind enough to forward the full year’s results to me and they make for pleasant reading.  The two months that I had been independently testing showed very similar results and the rest of the year’s figures suggest an average weekly income in the region of £600 using the five point liability staking plan, and £440 if using the level staking method.

Punters Profits offer a first month’s discounted subscription rate of $40 or around £20 and subsequent months are priced at $90 or £45.  Some may think that’s a little pricey, but when you consider the profits they’ve been making then it becomes good value for money.

Overall, from what I’ve seen to date, I can’t fault Punters Profits at all. I don’t know what selection method they use, but I’d sure love to get my hands on it…. :)

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Published on August 13, 2008

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