All Weather Backing System Review

All Weather Backing System Review

All Weather Backing System

The All Weather Backing System” is delivered in the form of an E.Book at a cost of £45.  It is a backing system for the All Weather market, used all year round but with very few bets outside the period October to February inclusive. All results are available from the AWB website and updated monthly. The author claims a modest 21 points a year profit from the All Weather Backing System, with no losing year in the 4 years it has been operating. While this is not high, there are only some 80 bets a year so there is on average a 1/4 point return bet bet, so the system is worthy of review as a portfolio builder.

The author breaks the rules down very simply with a clear explanation as to why he does what he does.   As the name suggests the All Weather Backing System sticks to the all weather tracks, Southwell, Lingfield and Wolverhampton.   Kempton is excluded as it has proven not to produce a profit to-date.

Although historical results are profitable the system has a low strike rate of 25%, therefore do not expect this to be the silver bullet that will allow you to retire early. Due to the low strike rate a betting bank of 30 points is recommended.   The longest recorded losing run has bee one of 13 races, so the author quite rightly warn against using an aggressive staking policy.

Whilst the All Weather Backing System is aimed primarily at the Autumn and Winter season, it is worth taking into account that evening race meetings are becoming more prevalent.   Therefore this will become a system that can be operated all year round more and more, although admittedly not to the extent in October to February.

We shall trial the All Weather Backing System system for 45 days. although we do not expect a bet each day.

After trialing the system for 45 days, I can report the following on the system.

—– All Weather Backing System Results —–

     Betting Days: 45 Days
     Number of Bets: 26 bets
     Strike Rate: 30% – better than the historic 25% reported by the author
     Profit/Loss to SP:  +13.75  profit – the historic pro-rata profit recorded by the All Weather systems author is 14 points.

So, the system in this relatively short trial, does just about exactly what it says on the tin, showing results and profits,  we would on average,  expect from this system.

So I have to say it is one I am going to add to my portfolio as while the annual returns are only around 20 points each year, it is only for 3 months, and they are the “dark” months with fewer distractions, and when there are qualifying meetings, the selections are SO easy to make in no more than 5 minutes a day.

I looked at other aspects of the All Weather Backing System and the first pointer is that there is no profit to be made from betting each way, and that the “final filter” elimination I referred to during the trial period , if  ignored only gave a marginal profit and presumably historically no profit, otherwise the author would not have used the filter. So I will not bother with it!

If you buy the system, it will almost certainly pay for itself  if  followed exactly as the author prescribes.

Add The All Weather Backing System to your portfolio….