The Racing Tipsters Service Review

The Racing Tipsters Service Review

Racing Tipsters

Top Secret Horse Racing Picks From The World’s Leading Professional Tipsters Make £99,560 PER YEAR was the claim of The Racing Tipsters

As a member of The Racing Tipsters you will receive daily emails containing all the picks from their ten leading tipsters straight to your inbox.

The points system used is a 100 point bank for each tipster intended for a year.

The Racing Tipsters Service Review ran for 9 weeks and you can see our findings below.


——— Racing Tipsters Service Results ———


Insider Tips 11 Bets 0 winners 4 placed 19pts staked -11.25pts Loss -59.4% ROI

Horse King 30 Bets 8 winners 47pts staked +6.05pts Profit +12.8% ROI

Top Racing Tips 64 Bets 16 Winner 71pts staked+19.65pts Profit +27.6% ROI

Diamond Tips 45 Bets 15 Winners 46pts Staked +53.1pts Profit +115% ROI

RacingWinners 33 Bets 8 Winners 4 Placed 38pts Staked +2.85pts Profit +20% ROI

Paul Emmot 19 Bets 3 Winner 1 Placed 23pts Staked +11.6pts Profit +50% ROI

Phil Whitman 54 Bets 7 Winners 54pts Staked -6.3pts Loss -11.6%ROI

Outside Chance 9 Bet 2 Winners 2 Placed 19pts Staked -1.4pts Loss -7.3% ROI

Value Bets 18 Bets 1 Winner 5 Placed 31pts Staked -11.95pts Loss -38.5% ROI

Marvellous Marv 43 Bets 7 Winners 43pts Staked -9.6pts Loss -22% ROI

Harry’s Naps 3 Bet 1 Winners 1 Placed 5pt Staked +10.4pt Profit +208%ROI

JW Racing 1 Bet 0 Winners 1pt Staked -1pt Loss

328 Bets
67 Winners
16 Placed
20.4% StrikeRate
386Pts Staked
+62.15pt Profit
+16.1% ROI

Final Review of The Racing Tipsters

The time has come to final review The Racing Tipsters and boy, what a whirlwind it was!

We must saythat we were very sceptical about The Racing Tipsters when we first started the review and those thoughts looked to be true when after 10 days of the review the service found its self in a minus 25.35pts loss, but the next two days saw a big turn around with over 30pts of profit and it seemed upwards on onwards over the rest of the 9 week trial period, as the minus 25.35pts turned in to a PLUS 62.15pts of profit resulting in a  87.5pt turnaround.

One big thing to note is the majority of the profit is made up by Diamond Tips though several others have added generous profit to the pot.

Below is the breakdown of the 62day review.
From those 62 days we had 32 Winning Days 30 Losing Days and the figures of.

328 Bets, 67 Winners, 16 Placed,  20.4% Strike-Rate 386Pts Staked +62.15pt Profit +16.1% ROI

Putting all this together: the results of the Racing Tipsters qualify as a PASS and we will keep an eye on what happens over the next few months.