Market Monitor All Sports Pro System Review

Market Monitor All Sports Pro System Review

Market Monitor All Sports Pro

Market Monitor All Sports Pro

Market Monitor All Sports Pro  is a software application for use on all sports on Betfair. The product has been designed specifically to trade in-play markets and can be applied to any sports that go in-play, eg horse racing, tennis, football, etc.

Market Monitor is fairly new on the market. Currently, the sale price is reduced by 50% and is available at £147.00. This is a one-price with free updates. There is a 3-day trial offer which I would recommend anyone takes advantage of.

The software has many features built into it. The manual that appears within the “help” function is a good starting point. An important feature is the ability to green up whilst in-play; there are various settings that you can opt for. Additional features include the setting of the minimum and maximum back and lay stakes, as well as, the choice of the layout of the screen.

There are various strategies that Market Monitor can be used for, including backing, laying or trading. In horse racing, this applies to both the win only and the place markets.The software allows you to place your bets before the start of the event, as well as, during it.

During the review of Market Monitor All Sports Pro,the software was tested on horse racing and will concentrate on the win only market. Foy information purposes only I used £2 stakes covering just over 100 races, which more than enough to experience the functionality of the software.

So how did Market Monitor All Sports Pro perform…?

Market Monitor All Sports Pro does what it says on the tin. The main attraction for me was the visual display of the in-play odds, and the software delivered on this point. Using this function, I was able to back, lay and green up on any selection in-play (naturally subject to the order being matched on Betfair). I was also able to place an order prior to the start of the race and trade it out in-running. This mirrors what you can do on the Betfair interface itself.

Market Monitor All Sports Pro also allows you three different methods of greening up. The three settings give you the choice of how you want to trade out and is presented in a thoughtful way. These were tried out and no glitches were encountered.

The additional features of using different styles of display of the screen itself  so that you select what you find visually suitable to you is great. And the ability to adjust your stakes also all worked well and is a standard feature you would expect. I was able to move any particular market so that it sat next to the same market using another application. With this, I was able to compare how fast the prices were changing on both applications. Nothing untoward was noted. The software was also able to pick up any bets placed of it, eg placed using the normal Betfair interface. This was useful as I could offset that trade using Market Monitor All Sports Pro.

Market Monitor All Sports Pro like all new software takes a bit of getting used to. But not long. I was able to read the manual and set it up pretty quickly. Every now and again I would tinker with the settings such as row height or moving the screen next to another application. I found it easy to use and could not fault its performance.

My criticisms, which can also be construed as recommendations to the developers of the software, are that the alarm function should be extended to when the race itself starts. This is something I have got accustomed to using Fairbot and I find it invaluable.

Additionally, I would have welcomed the ability of the application to export the results. I could not copy and paste the results to say, Excel. And once you log out of the system part way during the day, you cannot get back these results should you log back in later in the day. But please note, that these are minor issues.

Market Monitor All Sports Pro Recommendation

As for the whether it is value for money, I tend to make a comparison with my preferred weapon of choice, namely Fairbot. The major feature that Market Monitor All Sports Pro has over Fairbot is the visual representation of the in-play odds. Given that Market Monitor All Sports Pro retails at more than four times Fairbot, it would be worth the differential if I was a serious in-play player.

Overall, I have to say that Market Monitor All Sports Pro is a very good application that delivers. I have not come across any other software that presents the in-play odds like it does. If you prefer in-play action, then at least taking the 3-day trial is recommended.

Why not take the free 3-day trial of Market Monitor All Sports Pro here…