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When it comes to betting exchange trading tools there are a fair few around nowadays. Bet Angel is by far the most popular and then there’s Bet Trader, but recently I came across an alternative to these two called FairBot and to say I’m impressed with this application would be an understatement.

FairBot comes with all the usual amenities we’ve come to expect from betting exchange trading tools. There’s one click betting, fast refresh rates, a live price movement chart, an excellent one click ‘greening up’ feature, grid and ladder interfaces and a host of other useful features.

The simple and easy to use Windows XP-compatible interface is very similar to Betfair which should make your betting comfortable and profitable. All the odds cells are active (rather than just two middle columns on Betfair) giving you additional flexibility for your backing and laying.

Here are a few of the key features:

  • Ladder Interface – instantly react to market movements with just one mouse click.
  • “Keep bets” support – automatically transfers your unmatched bets to in play bets.
  • The ability to refresh any event in increments as low as 0.1 second intervals.
  • The ability to place single bets or trades with only single mouse click.
  • “Greening Up” – equalize your current profit or a current loss across all selections.
  • Price movement charts directly on the main screen for each contender.
  • “Moving Average” and “Bollinger Bands” charts on a contender details screen.
  • Conditional Betting – place opposite bet (Back or Lay) only if a previous bet was matched.
  • Dutching feature – back multiple selections in the same event and equalise your profit.
  • “Drag & Drop” feature – easily dragging your bets up or down the ladder.
  • Set your own Back and Lay stakes and profit margin.
  • Bet on any odds market, including “in-play” events.
  • “Smart Bets” – calculate your stakes to get maximum profit on your trades.
  • Display the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Favourites as dictated by the market on Betfair.
  • A countdown clock showing the time remaining before the scheduled start of an event.

It’s pretty damn slick from what I’ve seen and the wide range of features are sure to give you a huge advantage over other traders who are operating on the betting exchanges without it!

This is what one of our readers, Tony, emailed me to say about FairBot:

it costs $99 per year for FairBot after a two week trial and is a cheap alternative to some of the other software available…..it certainly meets my requirements for a straightforward trading interface, simple bet placement and has a one click green up capability…..there are arbitrage and other capabilities too…..its great for someone just starting out who doesnt want to get confused by more complex betting options before they can do the simple stuff….

Really, I couldn’t have said it any better myself. I’ve been using it personally for a few days now and it’s becoming second nature. It allows me the ease of placing my bets with a single mouse click and I don’t need to take the price that’s showing – I can use the ladder interface to put my bet in at a price that suits me – again, all with one click of my trusty mouse.

Once I’ve placed any straight bets, I like to do a little trading and this couldn’t be more simple with FairBot. All I have to do is check one little box to put it into trading mode, decide how many ticks I’m going to aim for and then watch the market to decide my trade. Once found, a simple click and FairBot does the rest. It fires in two bets, one to back and one to lay, both at the very instant I click. Then I wait for them to get matched (a matter of a second or two if I’ve got it right) and then I do it all over again…..oh, this mouse clicking can be a hard life!

The other thing that impressed me about FairBot was the fact that we’re now on version 2.4, so the programmers haven’t let time pass them by. It’s clear that they’re continually working on new features and upgrades which is always good to see.

There are many more features in FairBot than I’ve mentioned here and to make it even more appealling they offer a two week free trial, which is 15 days of actual use, so if you used it for the first time on Monday, then Tuesday and Wednesday but couldn’t use it again until Friday you’d only have used up four days of the trial rather than five, which is excellent for a freebie!

FairBot is incredibly easy to operate and, as Tony said again, it isn’t as daunting to the newbie as the likes of Bet Angel or Bet Trader. If you’re new to exchange trading and are looking for a simple, straightforward trading platform, or even if just want to place your bets faster and easier, with a single click of your mouse, I’d recommend that you go take a look at FairBot.

I have to say that I’m really, REALLY, impressed with this software. I must have tried all of the betting exchange trading software on the market over the last few months and in terms of price versus features FairBot beats the rest hands down. It truly is a brilliant piece of kit!

You’ll love it too, I’m sure…

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31 Responses to “FairBot”
  1. Tony says:

    great review craig…….as you know ive been using this for a while and since i started andrey the programmer has enhanced it frequently……the trading ladder is a recent addition for example as is the moving profit/loss green up feature……im sure he will get around to introducing the betfair sp facility soon as well……

  2. Craig says:

    Thanks Tony, and thanks for telling us about it, I’m really pleased with it! The trading ladder is great, and I really, really like the moving green up button, I’ve been using that quite a lot in play to ensure some profit whatever the outcome 😉

  3. Tony says:

    one other thing that the programmers added is an audible sound one minute before the scheduled start of an event and another when the event actually starts……given that it sounds like a trumpet call at a hunt its quite appropriate for horse racing…….if i have friends round they wonder what it is!!…….its just a bit of fun and you can switch it off…..

  4. Tony says:

    i made a mistake in my original email to craig about fairbot……it costs £50 per year……it’s not a one off fee…..my mistake…….i’ll still be renewing when my 12 months is up……even with an annual renewal fee it’s still worth it compared to other betfair software…..before anybody asks, no i’m not an affiliate……. i don’t sell anything on the internet…..

  5. Craig says:

    Tony, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you like Fairbot 😉

  6. Tony says:

    for me simple is beautiful or less is more etc etc…..i like straightforward interfaces on my software……its never frozen on me which one of the big two did to me on frequent occasions…..for under £1 a week it can’t be beaten…..and it has the trumpet sound (the clincher!!)…..

  7. Craig says:

    I think we should make trumpet sounds compulsory 🙂

  8. nicky says:

    what do u use this software for?

  9. Paul says:

    You use this for trading on the betting exchanges Nicky. Try the free download and you’ll soon get a feel for how it works – it’s very good!

  10. Raikon says:

    I had trialled it for 3 days… It’s very good… =)

  11. Fred says:

    As a counter to some of the over enthusiasm on the thread, Fairbot is ok, but it’s always been behind all the other tools in development so I’ve never considered it a serious tool. They recently emailed to say they had upgraded the ladder to allow drag and dropping, this has always been a basic requirement and I was stunned that they hadn’t actually implemented before. Most other software has had it for years. Fairbot always seems to represent a cut down copied version of more serious tools. Don’t rely on my info though as every body has differing requirements so if you want something more basic give it a try. My recommendation is to try all products and decide for yourself.

  12. Paul says:

    I do agree with that Fred – it’s a bit like a mini Bet Angel Pro. I use that personally, but when I tried Fairbot I thought it did the majority of things most people would want to do when trading. If I’m honest I hardly use any of the advanced features in Bet Angel Pro.

  13. Anthony says:

    Can it be used on more than one PC for the same subscription, or do you have to buy a licence for extra PC’s.

    (I ask because whilst most betting exchange software works on more than one PC, Bet-ie only works on extra PC’s if you pay extra.)

    Also, is it upgraded everytime Betfair changes – which seems to be every couple of weeks.

  14. Craig says:

    Anthony, I’m not 100% positive about the more than one PC licence, you’d need to contact them about that one….

    As for the upgrading, it has been regularly updated in the past, so I see no reason for that to change.

  15. Mark says:

    Honestly though, I think you should modify the review to reflect the fact that the 50£ are not one off.

  16. Tony says:

    fairbot costs £50 per annum…..bet angel on a monthly basis costs £360 per annum……even a year in advance costs £200 per annum……as somebody else said there are many features on bet angel one may never use……

    i used to trade foreign exchange with some success using a simple chart program…….other less successful traders had four screens in front of them with all sorts of data in front of them leading to information overload……..fairbot is perfectly adequate for my betting, mostly lay betting……..less is more as far as im concerned……..the most expensive is not necessarily the best……anybody who is “stunned” by the lack of a feature of a piece of software should get out more in my opinion…….the fairbot programmer does not have the resources that the bet angel guy does but in the year ive had fairbot many new features have been added…..

  17. Nick says:

    Fairbot is fantastic!! I use it throughout the premiership season. I trade the unders 4.5 goals, and love the trade bets options. I will turn that on, have the 1 tick option chosen, then fire my back bet in. As soon as my back is taken, a lay bet gets automatically placed, and once that is taken I am green both sides of the market, and we all love green screens 🙂 – the ladder interface is superb, and the yearly cost can easily be made in a weekend of premiership football trading!! I also like betangel, but in terms of value for money, I would choose Fairbot everytime!!!

  18. Paul says:

    I just edited the review so that it says £50 a year now. It was actually a quote from a reader Craig had used there and I think at the time he’d only downloaded the trial, so probably didn’t know it was charged on a yearly basis.

    Thanks for all of your feedback about FairBot. I remember trying it years ago when it first came out and I ended up buying Bet Angel instead, but I was really surprised when I tried it recently and saw what it does now. To be honest, I don’t think I use a single thing in BA that FairBot doesn’t do!

  19. tonto says:


    Downloaded free 15 day trial of Fairbot, asking for a registration key – where do you find it.

    Thanks and hello

  20. tonto says:

    Got it working, is it true you can bet 10p and such to test it?

    cheers tonto

  21. Andy says:

    Hi Guys

    Do you know if Fairbot can be usedas a tool to place bets automatically like Grey Horse Bot. I have a system where I want to select 2 horses in designated races and back them for 2 points on one and 1 point on the other. I don’t need to worry about price criteria. I also need something with a staking plan. The maximum amount of races a day is 4. I therefore need to recover any previous back stake and place my usualy 3 point bet. Will this do it?

  22. Paul says:

    @ Tonto – yes you can bet lower than £2 stakes with this.

    @ Andy – Fairbot won’t do what you’re asking. You would probably need something like Grey Horse Bot I think, although to do exactly what you’re asking you would maybe need to use the Excel function that’s available for it now.

  23. Raikon says:

    Yeap… i can confirm with you it can bet below $2… Bcos i’m doing it !

  24. Phil says:

    Hi There, Is this year round betting tips? And what happens once I download the trial?

  25. Theo says:

    I’m giving the trial version a spin at the moment and have to say that it’s pretty good.

    I like the uncluttered approach and am impressed with the apparant stability.

    Other tools which I have tried have locked up frequently, but not Fairbot.

    One drawback for me is the fact that for horse racing there are NO jockey colours
    displayed which makes in-running punting more precarious.

    I’m told that in future this feature will be added.

  26. Traf says:

    According to fairbot’s website: the service costs £83.98, not £50 as stated! Or am I missing something?

  27. Paul Graham says:

    That's correct Traf – the price has changed, mainly due to the fact that the dollar is now much stronger against the pound. I've updated this review to reflect that.

  28. Paul Graham says:

    Thanks for the feedback Theo!

  29. nicky says:

    Trading is not risk free is it? And you cannot really rely on it as a living can you?. If you back anf lay a horse there’s no garruntee that they will be matched u could end up with an unmatched back and a matched lay or vice verssa and at as loss. True?

  30. Ian says:

    I have been using the software for 10 days now but still do not know how to green up. Can someone tell me?

  31. paulfog says:

    Hi Ian,

    Try this video, it should help.


    Paul 🙂