Win Naps System Review

Win Naps promised to deliver a high and profitable strike rate.


Win Naps works on a pay per profit basis ie you pay them per point of profit they generate ie no profit = no fees.
You buy a set amount of profits from them and they will provide you with tips until that profit target has been reached.
They’re so confident in reaching these targets that they offer a a full 60 day refund.

At the time of commencing our review for £25: we received 7pts of guaranteed profit (usually 5pts) or for £47.50, we could have 15pts (usually 10pts)

We trialled Win Naps for our bare minimum period of 45 days.

We declared our profits to a £10 per point stake and for the purpose of the review, we assumed we were buying 15pts of profit for £47.50 ie each point was costing us £3.17 to buy.

We completed the 45 day review of this service and have to say this ranks as one of our best services to date. 

There is nothing complicated about Win Naps, just straightforward selections posted daily on the members area accessible by a user name and password on its website by mid morning.

The record of Win Naps performance speaks for itself:

Selections     174
Winners        79
Losers           95
Overall S/R  45.40%

Nett Profit   40.23 points (after 5% Betfair commission) at £10 per point = £402.30
Cost to finance this service @ £3.17 per point = £127.53

Win Naps Overall Operating Profit £274.77

We would like to point out that of the 45 days, we had 19 losing days (usually minimal amounts the highest being 4 points). There were 26 winning days with profits of 8.32, 7.42 and 6.03 being the highest recorded.

The longest losing run was 6 resulting in a loss of 9.8 points, however there were winning runs of 6 (twice) – once before the bad run and once immediately after the losing run, thus not really affecting confidence or continuity in the service.

We rate Win Naps very highly, if it can continue in this vein of success we have no hesitation in recommending it.
The only negative we had was the cost of the points as this does not allow for a larger market for those who can only afford to bet less than £10 per selection.
Having said that we noticed the service is at present offering DOUBLE points for a limited time and we would urge you to take advantage of this offer while it lasts. This would have added a further £63.77 to our already impressive bottom line.

RATING 8/10  (Only because of the cost of points. Otherwise 9/10)

The OBE final verdict? Win Naps is definitely one to consider adding to your portfolio.