Racing Secrets [Exposed] Review

The Definitive Guide To Laying Horses To Lose

There are literally hundreds of laying systems available these days, indeed there seems to have been an explosion of them in recent months. This is because people perceive laying to be much simpler than backing, after all we’ve been picking losers for years, right? And indeed chances are you that will pick more losers than winners, but get it wrong and it can bite you in the bum!¬†

There are, however, some good laying systems out there, but many of them are ‘live market’ systems, which means sitting at your PC all day. For the majority of people I know, the ideal scenario is being able to find your selections the night before, placing your bets for the day and then going about your daily business.¬†There are a number of systems that cater for this and one of the best of these is Racing Secrets [Exposed].¬†

I first stumbled across this system a year or so back on the recommendation of a friend. Now, I’ve seen many a laying system in my time but (so far) none have come close to Racing Secrets [Exposed]. The book is a comprehensive guide to laying on the exchanges and it literally covers all aspects of racing, but in particular¬†it highlights¬†horses that are likely to lose. Better yet, the system concentrates on favourites, keeping liabilities to a minimum and increasing your profits.¬†

Racing Secrets [Exposed] comes in PDF format and is a full 80 pages of information. The first two or three chapters deal with the basics and can be useful to even the most seasoned of punters. Then we get into the system itself and, without giving anything away, it details a series of ‘Primary Warning Signs’ signs we should be looking out for in the hunt for vulnerable favourites. Once we have a list of potentials, it then goes on to describe ‘Secondary Warning Signs’ that will help build an even stronger case for laying a selection and narrowing down the primary list.¬†

I must point out though that this is not a system for those looking to spend less than 10 minutes finding their picks for the day. It does require some effort from the user and¬†I’d suggest that it might take around 30 – 45 minutes per day, however, for the strength of selections that you are giving yourself I’d say that it’s definitely¬†time well spent.¬†

This is one of the few systems that I still use regularly and will continue to use for the foreseeable future. Indeed, I consider Racing Secrets [Exposed] to be an investment system rather than a gambling system and if you’re serious about laying then I’d highly recommend it.

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