Ultimate Dutching Formula System Review

Ultimate Dutching Formula System Review

The Ultimate Dutching Formula System Review

The Ultimate Dutching Formula is a lay dutching system which concentrates on laying two horses in the same race. The stakes on each horse are structured in such a way so that if any horse goes on to win the race, regardless of which one wins you will lose the same amount. If both of the horses you have layed lose, your profit will be the sum of the individual stakes on each horse.

Now when we first read the Ultimate Dutching Formula system which comes as a seven page eBook plus a custom built calculator for the price of £97, two things jumped out at us, firstly was that the author Michael Pang claims a 98% strike rate and secondly was the use of progressive staking.

Progressive staking is a “stop at a winner” strategy where you are trying to recover losses on previous bets until you get a winner and then you stop for that day and start again the next day.  Some people might consider this a risky strategy, but as this was a trial, we followed the advice and reserved judgement on it until the end.

When we first saw the 98% strike rate for the Ultimate Dutching Formula we thought: “Wow! This must be good:” only two losing bets in every 100, but after digesting the whole eBook we realised that the author is saying there will on average be only two losing sequences in every 100. A sequence in this system can contain 30+ bets and could be over more than 1 day, so that partly deflated the initial wow feeling.

The selection process could not be simpler with only 2 rules, but you will be required to watch the live markets on every race. The profit target per sequence is 1 point of your betting bank. You lay dutch the 2 horses in each qualifying race to achieve your target profit using the custom built calculator. If your lay dutch is successful (both horses lose) you start the process over again on the very next qualifying race. If your lay dutch is unsuccessful you aim to recoup your losses and still make your profit target at the next available opportunity.

We trialled the Ultimate Dutching Formula for 45 days to a £10 per point stake using only UK racing. The author recommends a 300 point bank for this system aiming to win 1 point every sequence.

Our trial showed a final profit of £520 in 45 days.

Ultimate Dutching Formula Final Review

Looking at the profits of £520 that the Ultimate Dutching Formula System has made during this trial will no doubt have many people thinking this could be the golden goose that they have always been looking for, but there are a few points that need to be taken into consideration before purchasing it

  1. This is a full time system meaning you will have to follow the live race markets throughout the day and evening, 7 days a week. You could possibly have days off but the law of sod would probably mean that they would be winning days.
  2. You will need some kind of bet placement software or a bot to place the bets or you will find that by the time you have entered the betfair prices into the free excel spread sheet and calculated the stakes for each selection the prices on betfair will have changed no matter how fast you are. This will be an added cost on top of the system purchase price.
  3. It can only be done using either the English or Irish meetings, not both, as the timings of races on certain days will not allow it.
  4. It is sometimes difficult to identify the correct selections to dutch and we think this could mean you either miss a selected race or match a race that shouldn’t have been a selection.

The author of the Ultimate Dutching Formula recommends a bank of 300 points and on average there have been 4 or 5 losing sequences per year with an average annual profit of 114 points, which at £100 per point would have given you a £11400 tax free profit. BUT, and it is a big but, your bank would have had to be £30,000…..This would be outside of most peoples budget for a betting system so If you started with £10 a point your bank would have to be £3000 (which I would say is still outside most peoples budget) but your return for a full year would only be on average £1140.

The author of the Ultimate Dutching Formula does say that “if you don’t have a large bank to start with it’s not a problem as you can compound your profits safely and quickly”, but for me personally I would be wanting a bigger return on investment if I had to work a full year with hardly any days off just to build up a bank and take no profits out.

If you are going to purchase this system we would definitely advise paper trading it until there was a losing sequence and then start with real money because if you get a losing sequence at the beginning of this then it would wipe out a large percentage of your bank and it could take a couple of months for it to get back into the black.

We personally would not fully recommend the Ultimate Dutching Formula as a stand-alone system for the average punter as the starting bank required to make a decent income from it is way out most peoples league, but added to a portfolio of profitable systems and tipsters and starting with smaller stakes of £2 or £3 per point, it would in time slowly build up a nice bank.

For the reasons pointed out above, we would put the Ultimate Dutching Formula in the neutral section.