Double Lay Racing System Review

Double Lay Racing System Review

Double Lay Racing System Review

This is a review that it has been one of those unexpected pleasures to uncover a hidden gem hiding itself under an unturned stone.   The authors, Jon and Sally have designed The Double Lay Racing System and operated the system for over 2 years without any changes and produced some very impressive figures as you can see:

Feb 2009 to Nov 2010 560 points
Average per month 25.5 points
Highest winning month 71.2 points
In 13 winning months Over 20 points
In 9 of the 13 months Over 50 points
Strike Rate 84%

So what is The Double Lay Racing System?

The Double Lay Racing System, as the name suggests, is a laying system for Horse Racing in the UK, using some simple indicators to identify your bet. It is the type of system you will read and think “this is too simple”, I must have missed something, but you would be wrong, it is actually that simple!  It costs £95 to purchase the system, which is sent to you as an electronic PDF document.  An additional £10 per month buys you a membership subscription where the selections can be found for you and have access to more statistics about The Double Lay Racing system.

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You will need access to two resources the Racing Post and one of The Sun OR The Sporting Life.   From the Racing Post, you will need to access the forecast information, therefore I would recommend that you use the Racing Post web site where this information is free after 9am on the day of the racing.  The other resource to operate The Double Lay Racing System is, of course, a betting exchange account (Betfair, Betdaq etc). I should say at this point, that the authors do say that any daily newspaper can be used to operate the system, but you may find that the results do vary slightly.

The system comes with clear and concise instructions and consequently it is relatively easy to arrive at the day’s basic selections, although, as previously stated, if you don’t want to do this yourself  the authors will provide a “Daily Sheet” for £10 per month. Applying The Double Lay Racing System rules presents you with a list of potential qualifiers for the day. You need to have access to the “live” betting shows to arrive at the actual qualifiers and then the ability to “lay” them on a betting exchange.   It is as simple as that.   For those of you who are shouting at the screen “But I can’t be in front of the computer all day!”, Yes you can use a betting bot to lay the selection as near to the off as possible.

As usual The Double Lay Racing System review is performed to lays of level £10 stakes.  A betting bank of 100 points is recommended, so the review started with a bank of £1000. Each day’s selections will be listed to the Betfair odds available and will assume Betfair commision of 5%.

So now to the results… how did The Double Lay Racing System perform?

The results have been summarised below starting at Day 8 of the review.   This is because we had a false start with the review and the system was not being executed correctly.   Therefore in the interests of being open and consistent, the first seven days’ results have been igonored, left as is and we re-started the review for 45 days from the eighth day.   The outcome was as follows:

Review Days : 45
Net Profit : £396.10
Strike Rate : 81.4%
Average Points per Month : 26.4
Longest Winning Run (LWR) : 25 races
Longest Losing Run (LLR) : 3 races

As you can see, the results of the review match the historical results over the past two years almost exactly.   The strike rate still exceeds 80%, which should be expected for a laying system and the average points profit per month in fact exceeds the historical statistics.   All of which is a good sign that The Double Lay Racing System has worked wel and is continuing to do so.

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Throughout the trial all qualifiers have been included but the authors include a section in the manual on limiting bets to a maximum price of 4/1. Looking into this, it would have produced ninety-six qualifiers resulting in twenty-two losers and seventy-four winners giving a profit of £146.00.  They also advocate betting “in running” but exploring this would have been too time consuming , some initial cursory investigation found that thirty of the Double Lay Racing System winners could have been laid at less than 2.0, one touching as low as 1.09. More research would be needed to decide at what level to set the parameters, as setting them too low would knock out too many winning bets but would not reduce the number of losers.

Also mentioned in the manual is the possibility of using a staking plan, although none is recommended and this aspect has not been explored. However, with a LWR and LLR of 25 and 3 races respectively it is entirely possible to capitalise on sequences such as this and minimise the loses of the losing runs.

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Overall we feel that The Double Lay Racing System lived up to it’s promise, although it was sometimes a bit of a roller-coaster ride, due to the high prices of some of the lays, and may not be for the more faint-hearted punter. That said, there are options for specialisation as the manual includes individual strike rates for each track and, under the heading “What Days”, each day of the week. Based on these statistics the authors specifically warn against operating at Kempton on a Wednesday evening and this has been borne out during the trial – ten qualifiers emerged resulting in three losers and seven winners with a nett loss of £73.10 (ommitting these from the overall figures would have increased the profit by 25%)

To sum up – The Double Lay Racing System  is based on sound reasoning backed up by its historical performance.   We believe that it will produce steady profits, whilst affording the scope to increase them with individual specialisation and at the price of £95 will prove a sound investment.

The Double Lay Racing System receives a resounding ‘thumbs up’ from the OBE Review Team and is one that we are pleased to say ‘Get It Now!’.

Please note Double Lay Racing is no longer available through OnlineBettingExposed….