Two Heads System Review

Two Heads System Review

Two Heads ARE better Than One?

The Two Heads System is a backing and laying system that has been created by Anthony Gibson and Steve James… hence the name “Two Heads”. Unsurprisingly, the first thing that therefore sprang to mind when receiving the system is the old cliche “are two heads better than one”.

Two Heads is advertised as a joint effort between these two “experts”, who can claim a degree of success in their own right. Although Steve James seems the more tangible success that is directly attributable to horse racing. Anthony, the sales page goes on to say, “is well known for producing betting systems on horse racing and the Forex markets” (ummmm).

What is the objective of Two Heads? This system looks for horses that historically have a hard task winning the type of race they have been entered in, producing the Two Head’s lay bets. However, such is the confidence in these horses inability to perform, the lay bets are, in fact, for them not to finish in a podium place. This, theoretically, reduces the liability of the bet and takes advantage of the value in the Betfair market.

The second objective of Two Heads is to pick up on horses whose potential has been hidden under a bushel. Selective each way bets are aimed at picking up on these horses and the more advantageous odds that can be available..

Two heads requires the use of the Racing Post on a daily basis. The cost of the system outright is £97. However the Two Heads daily tips can be purchased for £30 monthly via a non-premium telephone line. Also, as the system is extremely complicated, certainly for beginners, the selections can be checked by telephoning this number and thereby obtaining the “correct” horses to either back or lay.

The horses, depending on the performance of the trainer in the various statistics are either backed each way, or backed or laid for a place, and the way that they should be backed or laid is dependant on the price of the horse before the “off”. Hence Two Heads is a system that requires you to be at a computer before the race takes.

In reviewing Two Heads I have taken a sample of the selections generated by the system. The system provides the opportunity to generate selections throughout the racing day. However, in practise few of us are next to our computers all day long. Therefore this review of Two Heads tries to replicate a random set of selections. In this way it is representative of the way a lot of people will be able to run Two Heads. For those races that are not covered by the sample I assessed the result through the price of the horse at SP. In this way the review creates a “best fit” set of results.

Although the authors recommend a starting bank of 200 points (£400 bank using £2 bets), I adopted the more traditions 100 point betting bank at £10 stakes of £1,000. This gives a better comparison with other systems that have been reviewed, which, unless there is a compelling reason starts with a £1,000 betting bank using £10 stakes. My other reason for adopting this approach is that if two Heads loses 100 points then I would suggest that the system doesn’t work, as this will be too great a loss for the average punter to realistically be expected to sustain.

So how did Two Heads perform over our 45 day review period?

Two Heads Results Summary:

No. of days review: 45
Two Heads Points Profit: 32
Two Heads Avg monthly profit: 21.3
Two Heads Total no. of bets: 314
Two Heads Total winning bets: 194
Two Heads Strike Rate: 62%
Two Heads Gross profit: £320

Almost 32 points in 45 days, a good, no excellent result. Anything that makes around the £200 per month mark should be viewed with a serious eye.

How did the service behave? Well I compared my selections to the telephone service and there were a few inconsistencies between the two. I opted to follow my own selections as dictated by the rules of the systems and thankfully my selections wer actually correct. In the early days of the review the results were a bit up-and-down, however the final outcome speaks for itself

So I give this system the OBE thumbs up – if you can make £2500 per year from tenners then what else can I say. The system is a little complicated but if you only use one system then use this one – however you need to be by a computer to gain best advantage of this system – but hey if you put £200 per horse on this then you will make £50,000 per year as judged by this 45 day review. All I can say is….

Two Heads really are better than one!