False Favourites System Review

The Ultimate Guide To Laying Low-Priced Favourites Who Lose!

There seems to have been an explosion of laying systems over the last few months. They are appearing everywhere and new ones are being churned out on a daily basis. Unfortunately, most of them are useless rubbish, written by some half-wit with only one intention – to pull in money from the unsuspecting punter using nothing more than a snazzy website and wild claims of life changing wealth and riches. Some of them will have just three rules, some will have fifteen, but the majority we come across fall well short of the mark.

A lot of people believe that laying is an easy game, after all how difficult can it be to find a loser, right?

Wrong! Laying is a difficult game and there aren’t many systems that produce the goods consistently. It’s a game that’s fraught with dangers… that 12/1 outsider (that you’ve had to lay at nearer to 16/1) who doesn’t have a chance, but somehow gets up on the line and takes with it all of your previous profit and then some. And it will happen much more than you think!

It’s not all doom and gloom, however, because there is a way to make a decent living from laying horses, especially if you concentrate on low priced favourites. There is only one way to do this successfully and that is to do your homework! It is definitely possible to make a comfortable living from laying favourites, in fact that’s where the majority of my betting income comes from, but you must know what you are doing and, unfortunately, there are no real short-cuts.

So, the best way to learn how to do this successfully is to listen to someone who has been there, done that and worn the T-Shirt. In my opinion, one of the best laying courses available on the Internet today is False Favourites, which comes with 216 pages of sheer gold. It’s written by a Betfair Accredited Trainer, Jonathan Burgess, and it’s clear from the start that this is someone who knows what he’s talking about.

Right from the word go, Jonathan makes sure you are aware this is no walk in the park, you won’t retire overnight, in fact the results on Jonathan’s website show he is making around 10-15 points profit per month, not an outrageous claim by any means. So with £50 stakes you’d be profiting by £500 – £750, £100 stakes you’d be banking £1000 – £1500 a month. I think this is one of the reasons I really admire Jonathan, he is totally upfront, he won’t insult your intelligence with ridiculous claims and hype. What he is offering you is the chance to learn how to make a consistent and relatively safe income by betting on horses to lose.

False Favourites is split into two books, the first deals with all the ins and outs of National Hunt racing, starting at the basics of opening your Betfair account, discussing why favourites lose and taking you step by step right the way through to the selection method. And this isn’t just a page of how to choose your selection, this is 30 pages of the most useful ‘how to’ I have read in a long, long time! The selection process is then followed up with 20 pages of examples to help you understand exactly how Jonathan makes his picks.

The second book deals with laying on the Flat and is just as detailed as book one, providing you with a wealth of information and numerous examples to ensure you understand the methodology and theory behind it all.

Now, I know this isn’t going to make pleasant reading for those of you who are searching for a “get rich quick” solution, but here at Online Betting Exposed we aim to bring the best of products to your attention, not the ones that make unrealistic claims and fail to deliver, and I would defy anyone to pay the £27.99 for this fantastic product and not to be absolutely delighted with your purchase. It really is that good.

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