Fancy Fillies System Review

Fancy Fillies System Review

Fancy Fillies System

The Fancy Fillies System involves the laying of fillies or mares (pun intended). There is only one selection per day and covers all UK and Irish meetings. The authors advise that the selection is best made around 8:30 to 9:30am on the day before the markets have had an opportunity to settle down.   Although this seems a small point it is quite intrinsic to the operation of the system.

Fancy Fillies may be purchased as an eBook for £67.97. An internet-based daily advice service is also available through access to the members’ area.   This is normally £30 per month to subscribe, but for a limited time you will get three months free access, which I believe, is very important because it allows you to gain confidence in your selection process.

Another important point that I highly endorse is the publication of the up-to-date results to the sales website.   There are few systems that promote such transparency of the results on such a regular basis, which can only be applauded.

The Fancy Fillies System manual is well written and easy to understand. The last 3 years results are available to view, although I am unsure if they have been proofed professionally. However, it is plain to see that the system has been carefully researched (one of the authors being a mathematician, so would be very comfortable handling statistics). There are many short reviews and recommendations on the Fancy Fillies website and details for contacting the authors are listed.

The system is solely based on LAYING horses i.e. backing the horse NOT to win its race. As the title of the system suggests, we are only interested in female horses i.e. fillies and mares. Why only fillies and mares? Good question which demands an answer:-

If, like me, you are or have been married, or in a long-term relationship with a human female (me twice), you will undoubtedly have experienced some completely irrational and unfathomable behaviour from your beloved partner. I am yet to be persuaded that the Moon is solely responsible for my being on the receiving end of a torrent of verbal abuse or a deathly silence for no apparent reason. My ex even marched up to our local newsagent and cancelled my weekly copy of The Beano without a by-your-leave to me. When I asked her why, she told me to grow up! Grow up? Whatever would cause her to treat her 31 year-old husband like that! Can we agree the term “The Monthlies” as an explanation? Well, it appears that lady horses can be somewhat unpredictable, too – and that is the basic premise of the Fancy Fillies System.

So the system instructs the selection of one runner each day, which must fall within the system’s recommended lay price parameters as shown by Betfair or other betting exchanges. (Traditional bookmakers do not offer the facility to back horses to LOSE races).

There are only five rules to be followed when making the daily selection. I found no difficulty whatsoever with implementing these rules and by day 3 found it unnecessary to refer to the system’s advices. So it is simply a case of logging onto your favoured betting exchange (I used Betfair), and working through the racecards until a runner meets the Fancy Fillies System’s requirements – Simples! as it averages about 10 to 15 minutes per day.

However, very occasionally you can go through every card and fail to identify a horse which meets the required criteria. In this case you can either call it a “No-runner” day (and go and dig the garden or whatever), or return to your betting exchange, say an hour or so later, when there should be a better chance of securing a qualifier. The trial was run on a daily bet to ¬£10 level stakes and the recommended a starting bank of 30 points, therefore a our initial betting bank ¬†was ¬£300. ¬†The authors also recommend using the Fancy Fillies “Super System Staking Plan” to which they have applied copyrights. It is based on increasing the stakes to compensate for losses incurred up to 4 consecutive losing days. They are adamant that the system has never suffered 5 consecutive losses and only twice in the last year have 4 consecutive losses occurred. As I mentioned earlier the results for 2007, 2008, 2009 and up to mid-December 2010 are available for inspection.

Does the Fancy Fillies System use a low, medium or high risk strategy? I am of the opinion that it is of a medium/high risk. I do not believe that betting on horse races can ever be considered low risk – bookmakers only ride bikes in their leisure time! If, however, you adhere to the Fancy Fillies recommended staking plan (based on the Fibonacci 1,2,3,5max system), there would be every chance that you would not have to trade in your motor for an ex-postie‚Äôs bike (unless you hit a losing run of about 10). I agree with the system’s authors that identifying every qualifying filly throughout the day’s entire cards, and then betting on all of those qualifiers, would not be wise in the long run.

In order to facilitate their staking plan the authors have developed a downloadable “Fancy Fillies Calculator”, which is in .exe format. It is very easy to download and calculates the stake you need and the liability. As this is a laying system and Betting Exchanges must be used, the 5% taken by Betfair is included in the calculations. The Fancy Fillies Calculator is indeed a must-have for those wishing to follow the Super System Staking Plan and it is a free bonus when purchasing the system.

So how did the Fancy Fillies System fare during the trial?

I was asked to monitor the system for 45 days. However, due to the inclement weather at the end of December going into January with so much racing being cancelled, I decided to continue for a further 7 days in order to provide a more exacting reflection of the system.

Of the 52 days, 16 were non-betting days mainly due to race-meeting cancellations, system non-qualifiers or non-runners. Therefore there were 36 lay bets placed of which the system won with 23 (63.88% success).

The results above reflect MY selections. Whenever possible I would go through the race cards to make a selection. Then I would login to the Fancy Fillies Members Website to check the authors’ selection. Mostly my selection corresponded with that of the authors. It is fair to say that the difference in our selections evened out regarding winners and losers over the review period Рwith one crucial exception:-

On day 28 (13th January), my selection won its race. This meant that we went into a 5 day losing sequence. (The Members Website informed “No Selection”). The Fancy Fillies sales script claims the system has never exceeded a losing run of more than 4 consecutive days.

The following day my selection again won its race Рso we are now into a 6 day losing sequence. (The members’ website advised a runner which failed to place). The effect of having a losing run of 6 consecutive selections is, using the advised staking plan, verging on disastrous:-

The Staking Plan’s Net Bank Value as at close of business on day 21 (6th January) was ¬£370.00 (plus ¬£70 to the starting bank). At the end of the losing run the Bank stood at ¬£150.20 (minus ¬£149.80). Totally unacceptable in my view. Hypothetically, if every one of the 6 selections are layed to level stakes at 3.50, then the liability is 6×2.50 which equals 15 points. Therefore, in order to completely re-address the situation a WINNING run of 15 days is required. (The longest winning run during the Fancy Fillies System Trial was 9).

Ok, now I have got that anomaly off my chest, here are two sets of Fancy Fillies final figures:_

(1) The System results using MY selections:
            Profit/Loss to £10 level stakes:  +£9.10
            Net Bank Value to £10 level stakes:   £309.10
            Profit/Loss to staking plan:  -£61.10
            Net Bank Value to staking plan:    £238.90

(2)  The System results using the Fancy Fillies Members Website advices (adjusted figures):
            Profit/Loss to £10 level stakes:  +£49.50
            Net Bank Value to £10 level stakes:  £349.50,
            Profit/Loss to staking plan:   +£20.30
            Net Bank Value to staking plan:  £320.30

From my experience of betting systems, the rules may cover course, distance, jockey, press tipsters, odds, flat, jumps, going, trainer etc. etc. etc. The combinations are endless but always specific to that particular system.

However, whilst there are 5 basic rules which govern the Fancy Fillies System, there is also an aspect of randomness, opinion, gut-feeling or pure luck which can creep into the selection-making process. This is illustrated by the Days 28/29 discussed above. Also, it must be noted that the time at which the day’s selection is made will vary from punter to punter. Not everyone can visit the racing cards at 8:30 (or 9:00 or 9:30) every day. Prices do not tend to move too much at these times of day, but by lunchtime a totally different scenario may exist.

So, taking the last 3 years results as displayed on the Fancy Fillies website on trust (and I have no reason to doubt them as being anything other than true), I would only entertain this laying system by solely using the selections as advised on the Fancy Fillies Members Website. As previously mentioned this facility costs a monthly subscription of £30. Lump this together with the initial purchase price of £67.97 you are looking at the best part of £100 for the initial investment. Personally, I believe that using a starting bank of £300 and £10 level stakes (and £30 monthly advice fees) would only achieve an acceptable profit over the medium to long term (12 months+). And, of course, if it all goes pear-shaped you could always invoke the 60 day money back guarantee offered by the vendors of The Fancy Fillies System.

After much deliberation my ultimate recommendation is to give Fancy Fillies the thumbs up.¬†¬† Why?¬†¬† Because there is far more that goes into a system than just a massive profit.¬†¬† Using the authors‚Äô selections Fancy Fillies made a profit, which as I recommend would be the best way to run the system.¬†¬† The historical results are extensive and justifiable, therefore the system has a proven track record.¬†¬† The profit is therefore in the long term, which is what we always advocate about a good system.¬†¬† The results are updated and visible on a ÔŅĹ?daily‚Äô basis therefore you have direct feedback as to the current performance of the system.¬†¬† The authors also provide good quick support for system purchasers and members.

Take a look at Fancy Fillies for yourself….