Top Greyhound Tips System Review

Top Greyhound Tips System Review

Top Greyhound Tips

Top Greyhound Tips is a service which provides a series of daily selections by e-mail. The owner claims an average of around 55 points of profit per month from each of two different  types of tips.

The service costs an initial £5 for a 7 day trial, followed by £27 for the next month and then £67 per month thereafter. One nice feature is that the author offers an unusual free months subscription, if you should fail to make a profit following his advice in any month. Top Greyhound Tips, as the name suggests, a Greyhound backing system for which we will be quoting SP prices, although as the author suggests, it may be possible to improve on these prices by using sites such as Betfair.

The author provides a very easy to view website with a full explanation of how he arrives at his advices and a daily e-mail giving the selections. There are two services he provides and I will be reviewing each during the next 45 days. The suggested bank is £250 initially  and staking 2% of the bank on each selection with a recalculation of the stake on a weekly basis.

The review was performed with an initial betting¬†bank of ¬£500 in total, giving a stake per selection of ¬£10, but remaining on level stakes throughout the period of the trial, giving a true reflection of the service using that holy grail of ‚Äėlevel stakes‚Äô profit.

Unfortunately after reviewing  Top Greyhound Tips for 45 days there is only so much pain a person can take. Total losses amounting to £1237.35 in just 39 days from only £10 bets is a quite spectacular failure.

To try and say something positive, I can say that the system did show a profit on 5 days but on only 3 of those was the profit over £10. Darren the man who supplies the info seems very pleasant and replies to e-mails quickly, unfortunately this does not make up for the lack of success we have experienced.

A total of 39 days, profits on just 5 of those¬†equates to a resounding cry of ‚Äėsteer¬†clear of this‚Äô.

It may be that I followed it during a particularly bad run but I really can’t picture it ever showing significant profits and even if it did I would have long ago stopped following the advice after such a protracted losing run. 

I have no choice but to award a score of 0 out of 5 for the information and profitability of this service